Appeals Committee and Austerity Appeals Committee
Awards Committee and Constitution Committee
Eligibility Committee and Ethics Committee
Finance Committee and Mixed Competition Committee
Modified Committee
Nominating Committee and Officials Committee
Placement Committee and Policy Committee
Safety/Chemical Health Committee and Seeding Committee
Tournament Committee and Violations Committee

High School Sports

Badminton (revised 2/13/19)
Baseball (revised 5/4/23)
Basketball - Boys and Girls (revised 6/10/14)
Bowling (revised 10/16/13)
Cross Country (revised 1/10/13)
Fencing - Boys and Girls
Field Hockey (revised 5/9/23)
Football (revised 8/12/19)
Flag Football - Girls
Golf - Boys (revised 5/12/15)
Golf - Girls (revised 3/5/14)
Gymnastics - Boys (dropped 5/23/06)
Gymnastics - Girls (revised 3/14/16)
Lacrosse - Boys (revised 10/14/15)
Lacrosse - Girls (revised 5/18/10)
Soccer - Boys and Girls (revised 6/10/14)
Softball (revised 10/9/20)
Spring Track and Field
Swimming (revised 3/23/11)
Tennis (revised 3/19/21)
Volleyball - Boys and Girls (revised 6/10/14)
Winter Track - Boys (revised 9/11/13)
Winter Track - Girls (revised 9/11/13)
Wrestling (revised 10/14/15)

Modified Sports

Modified Level Program Policies (revised 3/9/10)
Modified Baseball (revised 6/14/11)
Modified Basketball (revised 12/3/15)
Modified Cheerleading
Modified Cross Country (revised 7/12/13)
Modified Field Hockey (revised 9/29/14)
Modified Football (revised 1/11/11)
Modified Gymnastics - Boys (dropped 5/23/06)
Modified Gymnastics - Girls
Modified Lacrosse - Boys (revised 1/19/16)
Modified Lacrosse - Girls (revised 3/25/10)
Modified Soccer  (revised 5/23/11)
Modified Softball (revised 6/14/11)
Modified Swimming
Modified Tennis (revised 9/7/10)
Modified Track  (revised 3/9/10)
Modified Volleyball (revised 6/14/11)
Modified Wrestling (revised 12/17/12)

Section XI Constitution and Policies

Admission Charges
Approval Process
Central Committee of the NYSPHSAA
Coaches Ethics
Code of Behavior Guidelines (revised 3/7/12)
Combining of Schools (Placement)
Conference Representation
Constitution (revised 3/21)
Dual Participation
Dues/Service Charges (revised 1/23)
Eligibility (revised 5/4/22)
Emergency Preparedness (approved 10/20/04)
Exceptional Senior Contests
Executive Director
Financial Policies (revised 5/23/06)
Gold Key
Holy Day
Incomplete Schedules
Individual Competitor
Lightning Policy (updated 10/4/23)
Maximum Number of Contests
Media Policy
Medical Waivers
Misconduct Policy (revised 5/2/22)
Mixed Competition (revised 1/10/13)
MVP Certificates
Neutral Site Event Management Plan (approved 3/15/05)
Next Available Date (revised 5/18/04)
Officials (revised 9/08)
Officials Contract
Out of Season Practice Policy
Placement (revised 1/29/13)
Policy  (revised 5/2/22)
Power Rating System
Pre-Season Practice Policies
Protests (revised 5/12/14)
Recruiting of Athletes
Safety-Related Policies (revised 5/11/23)
Secretary (see Executive Director)
Seeding (revised 10/8/09)
Shared Services
Spectator Code of Conduct
Sport Chair (revised 5/12/14)
Sport Season (revised 5/15)
Tobacco Products
Tournaments (revised 3/7/13)
Travel Policies (revised 5/11/23)
Treasurer (revised 5/23/06)