National Federation rules

Game Conditions

1.  A minimum of three nights rest between contests.

2.  Maximum number of contests will be eight.

3.  six practices are required before the first scrimmage.

4.  Thirteen practices are required before the first interschool meet. (approved 5/18/04)

5.  Equipment - Only sneakers or shoes with molded soles and molded cleats are permitted in the modified program. Shoes with metal posts or spikes are not permitted in any modified sport.

Section XI Rules

1.  Maximum distance shall be 1 1/2 miles in the first half of the season and be increased to a maximum of 2 miles in the second half of the season, with the change-over date being the 5th Saturday of the season.  Approved 10/10/12)

2.  Gender Separation:  Male and female athletes must be separated in all competitions. (5/23/02)

Rev. 7/12/13