Game Conditions
1.   A minimum of two nights rest between contests.
2.   The maximum number of contests shall be 10.
3.   Time Interval:  Unless extenuating circumstances arise, it is recommended that no more than two contests should be scheduled per week.  There shall not be more than three contests played per calendar week.  Contests may be played with only one night rest three times per season for rescheduling purposes only.

Follow NFHS 2022 Rules including the 2022 Rule Changes


Game Rules:

1. The length of quarters, including a fifth quarter, shall be 10 minutes.

2. In the event of a tie, there shall be one 4-minute sudden victory overtime.

3. A one-arm swing with a crosse, whether contact is made or not, shall be considered a personal foul--slashing. This includes the “over-the-head” check.

4. There shall be no such thing as a “brush” in the modified program. Contact between the crosse and helmet is a personal foul.

5. In a five-period lacrosse game, the “mercy rule” shall be in effect at the end of the third period. Subject to local modifications.

6. Substitutes are permitted whenever the ball goes out of bounds. (Horn allowed) Or may take place during live play according to Rule 4-21 Art.

7. When a goalie gets a penalty, the in-home player may serve the penalty if a second goalkeeper is unavailable.

8. A goal will be disallowed after the horn sounds to indicate the end of the period.

 9. For all restarts, ALL players shall be 5 yards or more away from the players in possession of the ball. No running restart.

10. Jersey, Shorts, Under-jerseys, Compression Wear & Sweatpants shall be the same dominant color for all teammates but are not restricted by number size/location/inserts or trim specifications or measurements or manufacturer logos.

11. When there is an existing flag down foul by a team and they commit a second foul under the slow whistle, the officials shall stop play immediately and assess both penalties.

** 2022 NFHS Rule Additions**

Equipment and Uniform Changes - Effective January 1, 2022

* All players must be properly equipped according to the 2022 NFHS rules.

* It is not the officials responsibility to check the players equipment.

* During pregame coaches certification, the officials will ask the head coach:

“Coach, do you verify all your players are legally equipped by rule for the equipment that is under your responsibility?”

This question MUST be answered Yes or No. If the coach replies NO the game should not be played until the coach can confirm compliance with the equipment rule.

Running Time

 After the first half, any time the score differential reaches 12 goals or more, starting with the whistle resuming play, the clock will only be stopped for a team time-out, official's time-out, or an injury time-out. No longer will normal play resume if the goal differential is reduced to fewer than 12 goals.

 Penalty Time will also be running time once the official restarts the play after assessing the penalty.


* Once the players are down they are to move into their faceoff position as quickly as possible. Players may not place a knee on the ground as they get into position for the faceoff until the whistle sounds starting play.

* The crosses and gloves shall rest on the ground along the centerline, parallel to each other up to, but not touching the center line.

*All fingers of both hands shall be gloved and wrapped around the crosse.

 * The crosse head and the gloved hands shall be touching the ground.

*The hand closest to the throat shall be in a palm up position.

Rule practices for 2022 Season:

1. 2 timeouts per half.

2. All stick sizes must meet 2022 NFHS Rules.

 3. Body contact restricted to only the player in possession of the ball.

 4. Offense can play loose ball inside the opponent’s crease.

5. On a flag down we will use the Extended Flag Down procedure.

6. For advancing the ball, the offensive has 20 seconds to advance the ball over midline and 10 seconds to get the ball in the box according to the 2022 NFHS rules.

7. Goalies do not have to wear arm pads

rev 2/22