Sport chairmen responsibilities shall be assumed by active athletic directors and/or administrators whenever possible. Coaches and/or retirees may be considered for appointment at the discretion of the President.

A Section XI sport chairman is responsible for the management of a sport in the following ways:

I.  Section XI Sport Committee
    A.  Meet with league/conference representatives prior to the season and review concerns of coaches and athletic directors.

    B.  Meet again at the conclusion of the season for a review and to formulate recommendations for changes in rules/regulations, policies, placement, and tournament structure, if necessary.

II.  Mandatory Coaches' Meeting
     A.  Conduct this meeting.

     B.  Arrange for a rules interpretation to be conducted by the officials' interpreter.

     C.  Communicate with the president of the coaches' association regarding possible agenda items. Coaches associations may conduct meetings following these meetings.

     D.  Contact the Executive Director for any special agenda items.

     E.  Provide printed materials regarding rule changes, new procedures, etc.

Give attention to the format for these meetings. They should include more than just the specific sport interpretation from the interpreter. Convey information from the NYSPHSAA Sport Committee, seek input on various matters (tournament format, placement, sport rules and regulations, etc.), and include information and/or discussion about ratings, misconduct, sportsmanship, and other pertinent topics. Make every effort to make them worthwhile.

NOTE: Encourage vendors to attend Coaches Association Meetings ONLY. They are NOT welcome at Section XI mandated meetings and are PROHIBITED by the school districts that host our meetings!

III.  NYSPHSAA Sport Committee
      A.  Attend meetings of this committee as a representative of Section XI.

      B.  File reports of these meetings with the Executive Director when reimbursement vouchers are submitted, please. Forms are provided for this purpose. Reimbursement for travel expenses should be requested as soon as possible following the meeting.

IV.  Awards
      A.  Verify the award acknowledgement copy upon receipt. Notify the Executive Director if any discrepancies are found.

      B.  Check the awards upon receipt. Do not wait until the Championship event.

      C.  Information regarding ties (that require extra awards) is too often lacking or untimely or incorrect. Contact the Executive Director as soon as possible at the conclusion of the season and prior to submitting a final report. Delivery can be made in a timely fashion if notification is received.

V.  Section XI Tournament
     A.  Organize, schedule, and supervise the Section XI Tournament.

     B.  Inform the Executive Director of plans, sites, and other arrangements for the tournament prior to the season.

     C.  Request approval from the Executive Director for special arrangements such as site or equipment rental, additional expenditures, etc. If facility request forms, etc. are necessary, the chairman is to complete them and forward to the Executive Director for signature, insurance certificate, etc. DO NOT expect the Executive Director to complete all paperwork for you! 

     D. Distribute to athletic directors and coaches written details of the tournament (procedures, sites, times, admissions, supervision, tickets, etc.) in a timely fashion, please! Copy to Executive Director.

     E.  Make arrangements for tournament publicity with newspapers, etc.

     F.  Implement the Section XI policy on Sites and Admissions in cooperation with the Executive Director. 

     G.  Communicate with coaches in team sports regarding input for the Seeding Committee prior to the date it meets. It is advisable to implement an objective system with input from all coaches (as opposed to a few tournament coaches). NO COACHES are to be at the site of that meeting without specific approval of the Executive Director.

     H.  Submit all records regarding tournament supervision, expenses, revenues to the Executive Director as soon as possible.

     I.  Sites - Plan your team tournaments using as few neutral sites as possible. If neutral sites are to be used, they are to be determined within two weeks from the start of the season as per Section XI policy on sites. Arrangements for neutral school sites must be made with athletic directors (not coaches).

     J.  Programs - Provide a means to fund the total cost of programs if you wish to publish them. Section XI funds have not been allocated for this purpose. Coaches associations are welcome to assume this task.

VI.  Responsibility for Regional and State Competition
      A.  Forms - Notify coaches of the necessity to use the code of conduct forms and Section XI travel permission forms which can be printed from the Section XI website

      B.  Communications

           1.  For team sports: Notify athletic directors of schools involved concerning times, sites, travel arrangements, required code of conduct forms, etc.

           2.  For individual sports: Notify school authorities and parents of participating athletes in writing of athletes' itinerary and obtain signed code of conduct forms and travel permission forms for each athlete prior to departure.

      C.  Travel Supervision

           1.  In individual  sports, the sport chairman shall arrange for travel supervision as follows:

           2.  In gymnastics, swimming, tennis, wrestling and golf - one supervisor in addition to the sport chairman.

           3.  In cross country, winter track and spring track - four supervisors in addition to the sport chairman.

           4.   In team sports, each school team shall provide its own supervision. (Additional supervisors that member schools wish to provide will be welcomed.) Section XI provides funds for two adults per team.

      D.  Bus Transportation

          1.  Section XI expects that chairmen will use the same mode of travel as the athletes. Any departure from this for extenuating circumstances only must receive prior approval of the Executive Director. If sport chairmen (or their designees) travel independently to NYSPHSAA Championships, travel costs will be deducted from stipends.

          2.  For individual sports: At the discretion of the sport chairman and the Executive Director, coaches MAY be invited to ride the bus (without charge) provided space is available.

          3.  For team sports: Bus transportation will not be provided to parents, extra athletes, or coaches from other schools. 

          4.  Limitations on transportation for team sports are as follows: basketball and volleyball - 16 maximum;  baseball, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball - 23 maximum. These numbers reflect the TOTAL team party including coaches, supervisors, managers, etc.

      E.  Hotel-Motel Procedures, etc.

          1.  Immediately upon receipt, forward hotel-motel information to the Executive Director. The earlier the reservations are made, the better chance we have of getting desirable accommodations.

          2.  It is expected that chairmen will be housed in the same facility and in close proximity to the athletes.

          3.  Each chairman must personally complete an inspection of the accommodations upon arrival in the company of the hotel/motel manager.

          4.  At check out time, again we insist that each chairman:
              a.  personally complete the same inspection of each room occupied by Section XI representatives in the presence of the manager,
              b.  witness the completion of the Hotel/Motel Report form by the manager,
              c.  sign the form,
              d.  forward the form to the Executive Director upon return to Section XI.

       F.  Rooming List

           1.  A rooming list of athletes (identify schools represented) and coaches must be prepared and presented to the Executive Director prior to receiving travel monies for the athletes. 

           2.  The Executive Director will fax this rooming list to the appropriate hotel/motel.

           3.  Room arrangements will be made by the Executive Director for athletes to be housed four per room and for supervisors to be housed two per room.

      G.  Meals for Athletes

           Special arrangements can be made regarding payment for such events as cross country luncheons, tournament banquets, etc., if the Executive Director is notified well in advance. Give your early attention to these types of events. Also, ascertain whether or not our athletes will be guests or whether payment is expected.

       H.  Billing Section XI

            Under no circumstance does a sport chairman or an  NYSPHSAA sport coordinator have the authority to bill Section XI for any expense without prior approval from the Executive Director. This includes dinners, luncheons, T-shirts, etc., at NYSPHSAA Championship sites.

       I.  Behavior and Supervision

           Strict supervision of  athletes is necessary at all times! It is incumbent upon chairmen to inform coaches that have been designated as Section XI supervisors of their specific responsibilities, and that misconduct cannot be tolerated.

       J.  Athlete Behavior

           1.  There will be no use of any form of alcoholic beverages.
           2.  There will be no smoking permitted.
           3.  There will be no use of drugs in any form unless prescribed by a physician.
           4.  All curfews/bed checks will be adhered to as set up by the supervisor in charge.
           5.  Athletes must use the transportation provided by Section XI.

The only exception to this could be that an athlete may return with his/her own parent(s) if the request is made in writing by the parent(s) to the chairman prior to the athlete's departure from Suffolk County and provided the athlete is released at the competition site to his/her own parent(s).

Penalties for infractions of the behavior code as listed above:
   1.  If the violation occurs prior to or during the competition, the athlete will not be allowed to compete or to continue to compete. Section XI will make a recommendation for disciplinary action.

   2.  If the violation occurs after the competition, Section XI will make a recommendation for disciplinary action.

   3.  If the situation becomes intolerable, the parents and school will be notified immediately and arrangements will be made to transport the athlete home.

   4.  The athlete is to remain under Section XI supervision until released to a parent or guardian.

VII.  Incident - Accident Reports
Report incidents at Section XI sponsored events that result in bodily injury to spectators or participants. Also report any other kinds of incidents such as property damage, defamation, or civil rights occurrences.

VIII.  Travel Report
Include a brief travel report  when submitting your final sport report.

IX.  Final Reports
At the conclusion of the season, file a final report with the Executive Director that shall include pertinent information on league standings, post season competition, problems encountered, and recommendations for the future. 

X.  Section XI's Representative 
In all matters that require expertise in a particular sport, the Section XI representative for the sport shall be the sport chairman. Though input from coaches and coaches' associations is valuable, it is only the sport chairman who is responsible for the conduct of the sport and who can speak on behalf of Section XI.  It should be clearly established  that chairmen do not function at the direction or suggestion of coaches' associations. Chairmen are encouraged, however, to develop a rapport with coaches' associations and to be receptive to their concerns.  All requests or proposals from coaches must be channeled through the chairman to Section XI. The chairman shall represent his/her sport to make recommendations to the Placement Committee, Policy Committee, Tournament Committee, Seeding Committee, and Awards Committee as appropriate.
The chairman shall act at the direction of the Executive Director and the Athletic Council and will be accountable  to the Section XI President and Executive Board.

XI.  Sport Finances
     A.  Chairmen are expected to communicate with the Executive Director regarding anticipated changes in sport tournament expenses prior to budget formulation. (Budgets are prepared by October 10th prior to the affected school year.) Unbudgeted expenditures are discouraged.

     B.  The Executive Director will budget for all sport expenses including Section XI and  NYSPHSAA competitions.

XII.  Handbook
Chairmen are expected to review and update annually the Section XI Handbook Rules and Regulations pertaining to their sport. 

XIII.  TV/Radio Coverage of Section Tournaments
All arrangements for taping or live broadcasts must be made in advance by TV/radio personnel with the Executive Director. All inquiries must be referred to the Executive Director.

XIV.  Important Procedures
       A.  Information - Copy the Executive Director with any and all written materials distributed to athletic directors, coaches and/or athletes.

       B.  Tournament Changes - Any and all changes in Section XI sponsored tournament (or meet) formats must be presented to the Tournament Committee two seasons prior to implementation.

      Fall Sports by February 1st
      Winter Sports by April 10th
      Spring Sports by September 1st

Proposals should be specific and include all implications relative to participation, time, costs, officials, etc. The chairman is expected to be in attendance at the Tournament Committee meeting when his/her proposal is considered. 
      C.  Placement
          1.  All placement proposals must be presented on an annual basis to the Placement Committee in a timely fashion, (no later than February 1st).

          2.  All requests for special placement must be considered and recommendations for same forwarded to the Placement Committee.

          3.  The chairman is expected to be in attendance at the Placement Committee meeting when his/her proposal is considered.

      D.  Rules and Regulations - Rules, regulations or procedural changes in the conduct of a sport require Section XI Athletic Council approval. When such changes are proposed,  requests must be submitted to the Executive Director who will advise of the appropriate channel for the approval process. Some may require referral to Committee (Awards, Seeding, Tournament, Policy, etc) while others may be placed directly on Conference/Council Agendas for action. Under no circumstance should changes of any importance be permitted without having followed this procedure.  

       E.  Other Committees (Policy, Awards,  etc.) - If a proposal submitted by a chairman  is forwarded to another committee (as appropriate), the chairman shall be in attendance at the committee meeting to present his/her proposal.

       F.  Communications
        It is EXTREMELY important to keep athletic directors apprised of information relative to Section XI tournaments. Written memos with all pertinent details should be forwarded to athletic directors at least two weeks prior to the tournament start. Providing this material to coaches does not suffice! 

XV. Stipends - Upon completion of all chairman's responsibilities (including filing a final report), stipend checks will be forthcoming as follows:         


Spring Track


Girls Gymnastics
Boys Volleyball

Field Hockey
Girls Volleyball
Winter Track
Cross Country
  $490 Fencing
Athletics for All


(Approved 5/12/14)

Stipends will be forwarded to sport chairs at the conclusion of the season and when responsibilities have been completed to the satisfaction of the Executive Director. Stipends may be adjusted when responsibilities are not fulfilled.

XVI.  Additional Fees
         The following compensations will also be made:
.   Attendance at NYSPHSAA Sport Committee Meetings away from Long Island - $100. A meeting report must be submitted to the Executive Director.
           B.   Attendance at NYSPHSAA Championships when Section XI athletes are competing. Chairmen will be housed in the same facility and in close proximity to the student athletes. Individual Sports - $200 per overnight, Team Sports - $100 per overnight only if duties require the overnight stay (i.e. Section XI has student athletes staying over).
           C.   Attendance at Regional Competitions hosted by other Sections - $50 per contest (if local) or overnight with the understanding that he/she shall arrive prior to and remain for the complete competitions and act as the official Section XI representative.
           D.   Modified Level Sport Chairs - $75 per sport provided the Chairman actively prepares for and conducts the Mandatory Coaches' Meeting.

NOTE: These fees will be forwarded with the annual stipend check after the completion of the season.

XVII.  Reimbursements
         A.  Sport chairs are expected to actively supervise athletes at NYSPHSAA Championship competitions and will be reimbursed at a reasonable and customary level for meals (no alcoholic beverages will be included).

        B.  Expense vouchers are expected within ten days following the expenditure for which reimbursement is desired.

        C. Reimbursement will be allowed for the following:
            1.  Travel to NYSPHSAA sport committee meetings and/or competitions:
                 a.  Mileage @ IRS rate as of January 1 and July 1 of each year and tolls.
                 b.  Meals will be reimbursed at a reasonable and customary level (no alcoholic beverages will be included).
                 c.  Lodging not to exceed the single room rate at the Albany Hampton Inn (or another facility designated by the Executive Director). Phone for Hampton Inn: 1-800-426-7866.
                 d.  Vouchers should be submitted along with a brief report of significant action or discussion items of the meeting.
           2.  Additional expenses as approved in advance by the Executive Director.
           3.  No more than one representative from the Section to the NYSPHSAA Sport Committee Meetings and/or State Competition will be funded.
           4.  Travel within the Section reimbursable at the approved rate at the discretion of the Executive Director.

       D.  Vouchers must be completed and submitted to the Executive Director for expenses incurred. Receipts for all expenses must accompany vouchers. Reimbursement will be made for actual expenditures only.


Rev 5/14