A.  Starting Dates

     Fall - Varsity, JV and JV9 Football will begin on the Monday of Week 7 of the NFHS calendar.
           - All other Varsity, JV and JV9 sports will begin on the Monday of Week 8 of the NFHS calendar.
     Winter - Varsity, JV and JV9 sports will begin on the Monday of Week 20 of the NFHS calendar.

     Spring - Varsity, JV and JV9 sports will begin on the Monday of Week 36 of the NFHS calendar.

     NOTE:  Starting dates may be adjusted annually as necessary in accordance with Section XI approval process.  ( App. 5/12/15)

B.  End of Season
    In each sport the season shall end with the final NYSPHSAA competition date (includes Regional or Federation contests) in that sport.
    School sponsored athletes or teams may participate in competitions beyond that date provided such competitions have been sanctioned by NYSPHSAA and endorsed by the Section XI Executive Board.

C.  Golf
    When the Section XI Tournament is held in a season different from the season during which the league schedule is played, individuals and teams may conduct up to ten practice sessions in preparation for this tournament. Scrimmages may occur and will be considered practices.

D.  Girls Gymnastics
     Preparation for the state championship competition shall be limited to those individuals who qualified during the fall season, and the number of organized practice sessions shall be no more than or fewer than the number required before a first contest (team: 10 practices).


In all sports, players and coaches will rate their opponents' sportsmanship at every contest. Season team averages will determine winners in each league/division/device. The officials' rating card will include a sportsmanship rating of opponents at every contest (league and non-league). All teams at all levels of all sports are expected to submit these ratings.

Certificates and recognition will be given to those teams best exemplifying sportsmanship.  The following criteria have been approved:
    90% (13.5) - Distinction
    85% (12.8-13.499) - Recognition

Every sport has its own rules and regulations that must be known and respected by coaches and athletes and enforced consistently by officials.  However, there are certain behavioral standards that elevate an athletic event from a mere contest to a positive educational experience.  Section XI's purpose in implementing this system is to encourage coaches and athletes to focus on these behavioral standards.

Rev: 1/16