I.   Invitational Tournaments
     A.  Invitational tournaments or meets with four or more participating teams must be approved by the Executive Director.

     B.  The athletic director of the sponsoring school must seek such approval by submitting all particulars of the event on the appropriate form to the office of the Executive Director.  (rev Dec 1993)                                                                      

     C.  Application for approval must be submitted for ALL tournaments including those NOT requiring officials and those at which officials donate their services.

     D.  If there are any out of state schools participating in a tournament, an Interstate Contest Application must also be submitted. 
     E.  Organizers of  invitationals in Section XI must provide to athletic directors a breakdown of the costs of those competitions. 

     F.   All Section XI invitational meets or tournaments must be scheduled prior to the last regular scheduled contest by Section XI (effective winter 2003-04).  (i.e. not to be a culminating championship event of that season).  Approval for such tournaments will be referred to the Tournament Committee if necessary. (rev 10/21/03)   

    G.  Section XI member schools hosting invitational tournaments shall limit the registration or entry fee to not exceed $200 per school, exclusive of officials' fees. (Approved 1/11/12)

II.  Section XI Sponsored Tournaments
     A.  Section XI tournaments are final athletic elimination competitions staged for the proven outstanding athletes or teams in each sport to determine the best athlete or team in that sport.

     B.  Eligibility for Participation - School teams and members of school teams not having competed in league/division dual competition schedules are not eligible for Section XI tournaments.

     C.  Section XI will sponsor a maximum of two tournaments in a team sport.

     D.  Tournament Changes - Requests to change the format of any Section XI tournament must be presented to the Tournament Committee by the appropriate sport chairman.  The Tournament Committee may endorse, reject or modify such proposals. The Tournament Committee's recommendation to change a format is then forwarded to conferences and the Athletic Council for approval/disapproval.

     E.  Division Tournaments - In order to conduct a division tournament in a sport, at least ten schools must participate in that tournament.
If only one division (fewer than 20 schools) exists in a sport, a division tournament will not be held.

    F.  Postponements
        1.  The decision to postpone a tournament contest due to field conditions, inclement weather or school district emergency shall be made by the home school Athletic Director.
        2.  The decision to postpone a Section XI championship game shall be made in concert with the Section XI Executive Director or Assistant Director and the Sport Chair.  (Approved 1/10/13)
        3.  A contest shall be moved to the visiting school during the Section XI playoffs
(includes football playoff qualifying round)  if the home school does not have a site available to play as per the recommendation of the Sports Chair and Executive Director. (Approved 3/19)

     F.  Commercial Enterprises - At all Section XI sponsored tournaments, the following are prohibited:

         1.  Raffles, lotteries, gambling, and games of chance
         2.  Soliciting, exhibiting
         3.  Sale of merchandise

Allowable activities:
         1.  Food and merchandise concessions sponsored by clubs affiliated with host schools.
         2.  Fund raising sales (of merchandise) by Section-wide coaches associations provided approval is sought and granted by the Executive Director. (rev Sept 91)
     G.  Tournament Reclassification - Requests for reclassification (relative to the system used for NYSPHSAA tournament play) must be submitted to the Executive Director by February 1st for fall sports, May 1st for winter sports, and September 15th for spring sports.
Such requests will be considered by the Tournament Committee on an individual basis and a recommendation will be forwarded to conferences. (rev May 94)
     H.  Supervision Fees for Section XI Tournament Contests - The fees for all workers (ticket sellers, supervisors, scorers, timers, announcers, etc.) shall be as follows:
Single contest . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $45
Doubleheader (five or more hours) . . . . . . . $70
Full day event (eight or more hours) . . . . . $125                           (Approved 12/98)
The site director or sport chairman is responsible for listing workers on the Contest Report Form that is submitted to the Executive Director.

Rev: 10/15/14