1.   NCAA Rules as modified by NYSPHSAA govern the sport.  One adult from the home team shall be assigned to the scorer's table for all varsity competitions.  He/she shall have complete control of the time, substitutions, and general decorum of said table.

2.   An area of 10 yards beyond each side line shall be roped or fenced off.

3.  The home team shall wear white or light colored jerseys.

4.   Inclement  Weather:  If a varsity game is stopped by officials due to weather before the end of the game and the game cannot continue, the game will be continued on the next available date from the point the game was stopped. The home team scorebook shall reflect the time the game was called, the game time and the possession/placement of ball. The home team scorebook shall be signed by the head official.

5.   Rosters:  Coaches shall submit varsity and JV rosters to the sport chairman.  Copies of the rosters shall be available at each game and shall include players' home and away numbers and list the coaching staff.

6.   Timekeepers:  It is recommended that an adult be used as the timekeeper for all contests, but it is mandated for varsity contests.

7.  Publicity:  It is the responsibility of the winning team's coach to provide Newsday with a report of the contest result.

8.   Filming:  Unless mutually agreed upon by the two competing coaches, there will be no third party filming from the press box.

9.  The Section XI Athletic Council approved a waiver of the cap of 24 teams to allow power ranking 26 teams in Division I during the 2007-08 spring season. (approved 10/10/07)

                                                    Section XI Tournament

In Division I - the top 12 Class A teams (from power ranked system of 23) will compete in the Class A tournament

In Division II - the top 10 Class B teams (from power ranked system of 19) will compete in the Class B tournament

In Division III teams with a .500 won/lost record (or better) shall qualify for the Section XI tournament within their respective classification. (Approved 5/12/16)

There shall be a 3-class tournament, ending with a Class Champion (A, B, C) effective with the 2005-06 school year. 
  Class A Boys' Lacrosse semi-finals shall be conducted at a neutral site (one year experiment for the 2015-16 school year). (Approved 10/14/15)
  Class B & C semi-finals in each class shall be played at higher seeds. 
The Boys Lacrosse Class B and Class C state qualifying games will be played at Stony Brook University effective in the 2004-05 school year.  (Approved 10-18-05)

The decision to postpone a tournament contest shall be made by the home school Athletic Director. (Approved 10/8/09)

The decision to postpone the Section XI Classification Championship shall be made by the Sport Chair and Section XI.  (Approved 10/8/09)


Rev. 10/15