Communication between the host school and Section XI is essential in order to provide security for neutral site athletic events.

Section XI Responsibilities:
1.  Crowd control, including separation of home and away fans.
2.  Ticket sales and admission policies, including location of ticket sellers and takers.
3.  Communication with participating schools regarding potential problems.
4.  Communication with officials regarding crowd behavior.
During Contest:
1.  Implementation of Section XI Spectator Code of Conduct policies.
2.  Assisting officials with crowd behavior issues.
3.  Communicate with school Athletic Director or Administrator should a problem occur.
1.  Escorting officials from site.
2.  Locating team and/or cheerleader buses.
3.  Escorting teams to buses.

Neutral Site Responsibilities:
1.  Provide site administrator/supervisor.
2.  Provide timer, announcer and shot clock personnel.*
3.  Provide medical personnel (if not provided by participating schools).*
4.  Establish a protest committee.
5.  Provide locker rooms for teams and officials.
6.  Provide tables and chairs for ticket sellers.
7.  Formulate parking/traffic flow plan.  (If needed, Section XI supervisors will provide assistance.)
8.  Maintain safe, well-lighted parking area.
9.  Provide clear directions to gymnasium (or site of contest) from parking areas and entrances to school.
10. Provide personnel to open locker rooms and inform Section XI supervisors of school policies and procedures.
11. Notify Section XI supervisor if any assistance is needed to maintain safe environment.
12. Review Section XI Emergency Preparedness and Crowd Control Checklist.

Participating School Responsibilities:
1.  Each participating school must supply adequate supervision.
2.  Supervisors must wear some type of identifying clothing (jackets, hats or armbands) and be made known to the person in charge at the site.

*Section XI Pay Scale:  $45.00 single contest, $70.00 doubleheader (five or more hours), $125.00 full day event (eight or more hours).  The site director or sport chair is responsible for listing workers on the Contest Report that is submitted to the Executive Director.

Approved 3/15/05 Athletic Council
Rev. 2/6/13