FINANCIAL POLICIES (adopted 5/24/05)

It is recognized that specific Section XI employees may be issued a corporate Section XI credit card to assist with their job responsibilities.  Titles that will be issued a Section credit card shall be reported to and approved by the Section XI Executive Board at its first meeting of the fiscal year.  The Executive Board shall establish a credit line not to exceed (amount to be determined) for each specific employee approved by the Board.  Section issued credit cards shall be used prudently and only for official Section XI business.  Individuals authorized to use Section credit cards shall agree in writing to accept financial responsibility for any inappropriate and/or improper usage of the charging privilege.  Receipts must be obtained and attached to credit card invoices that are itemized to provide evidence  that expenses are prudent and proper.  For meals, those in attendance and the purpose of the meeting should be provided.  For all other expenses, the reason for the expense incurred should be attached.  In the event that there is a need for expenses above the established limit, prior authorization must be obtained from the President and one other member of the Executive Board.

Section XI employees, officers, members of the Executive Board, Sport Chairs and Athletic Administrators may be eligible for reimbursement for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred while performing their duties on behalf of the Section.  All such reimbursements must have the prior approval of the Executive Director.  Such expenses must be claimed on the Expense Claim Form before payment can be made.  All forms must be accompanied by original receipts.  Appropriate documentation as to the purpose of the expense must also be attached.  If the expense was the result of preparation for, or attendance at, a meeting, conference or seminar, documentation as to the purpose of the event must also be attached.  Items such as agenda, minutes and other such items will be accepted.  It is expected that minor day-to-day expenses will be made and/or reimbursed through the Petty Cash Fund and not through a claim form.

The Internal Claims Auditor is an integral part of a properly designed system of internal controls. The position was created to carry out the important Board responsibility to verify the appropriateness of all claims paid by the Section. 
The Section XI Executive Board will annually designate and appoint an Internal Claims Auditor for the Section. The Internal Claims Auditor shall serve at the pleasure of the Board.  The Board shall, at least once every five years, consider proposals from interested parties (including the incumbent) qualified for the position of Internal Claims Auditor.
The Internal Claims Auditor is responsible for formally examining all accounts, charges, claims or demands against the Section. The auditing process should determine:
1.  That the proposed payment is for valid and legal purpose;
2.  That the obligation was approved by an authorized Section XI official;
3.  That the terms for which payment is claimed were in fact received or, in the case of services, that they were actually rendered;
4.  That the submitted voucher is in proper form, mathematically correct, and does not include previously paid charges.
Note: The internal Claims Auditor will provide a written report to the Executive Board monthly.  The Internal Claims Auditor will attend the October Executive Board meeting.

The Executive Board recognizes that from time to time it may be appropriate to provide meals and/or refreshments at Section meetings and/or events, when the timing of a meeting precludes the ability of attendees to provide meals at home or when such meetings/events are of such a duration as to merit light refreshments provided that such meetings/events are being held for a Section purpose.  Any expenditure made for such meals and/or refreshments should be appropriately documented with a receipt, itemized whenever possible, and submitted to the Section Office for the purposes of audit and reimbursement, provided that it is determined that the expense is in keeping with the above criteria.  No alcoholic beverages are to be provided at Section expense in connection with the furnishing of any meals/refreshments; and at all times the expense of offered refreshments/meals is to be limited to the minimum necessary to effect a legitimate adjunct to an event/meeting.  The Executive Director is to monitor the subject expenses and is to report quarterly to the Executive Board the expenses incurred in order that the Executive Board, through the Executive Director, may take such action as is warranted to assure the reasonable and legitimate supplying of refreshments/meals at Section expense. Note: Special events require approval of Executive Board.

Section XI officers, employees, or Executive Board members may attend conferences related to Section XI business which require an overnight stay involving housing, meals OR travel expenses.  Such expenses, if reasonable, are reimbursable by the Section when the appropriate documentation has been submitted.  All claims for such expenses must receive prior approval by the Executive Director using the Conference/Trip Request Form.  Following the expenditure, the Conference/Trip Reimbursement Form must be submitted along with the required documentation.  No reimbursement shall be made without both forms.  It is expected that the request to attend will be made in a timely manner prior to the event.  The Executive Director reserves the right to deny attendance if such is determined not to be in the best interest of the Section.

The Executive Director is authorized to establish a Petty Cash Fund for the purpose of the purchase of materials, supplies or services requiring immediate payment.  The amount of the Fund shall not exceed $100.00.  The Executive Director shall designate an employee who shall administer and be responsible for the Fund.  A ledger detailing Fund activity shall be maintained.  Replenishment to the Fund from the general account to maintain or restore the $100.00 cap shall be made only upon review of expenditures by the Executive Director.  Documentation of each expense, such as original receipts, shall be attached to the ledger for review.

The Executive Director is authorized to establish a system of signing checks in Section XI.  The system must require the physical presence of two individuals authorized by the Executive Board to electronically sign checks.  No one person is approved to sign a check.  Two backup designees will be approved should the authorized individuals be unavailable.  Additionally, all payments must be approved by the Executive Director prior to the processing of a check.  Furthermore, all procedures as established in the financial policies regarding the claims auditor must be adhered to.