Game Conditions

1.  National Federation rules.
2.  A minimum of two nights rest between contests.
3.  The maximum number of contests shall be eight.
4.  Ten team practices are required before the first scrimmage.
5.  Six team practices are required before the first interschool contest.
(updated 3/27/23)

Game Rules

1.  A runner is permitted one false start before disqualification.

A student may enter a maximum of 4 events per day as long is one is a relay. The total distance may not exceed 2300 meters (total distance refers to specific events, not total distance of heats).
    A student is limited to one running event if the distance of that exceeds 2300 meters.

3.  The 4K metal shot may be used for outdoor track.

4.  The discus cage is mandatory.

Order of events:  Field events will start 1/2 hour before the running events start.  The officials organize the field events at start of the meet but do not run these events.

Field events: high jump, pole vault (must turn), shot put, discus, long jump, triple jump
55m hurdles (five hurdles each 30" high - girls; 33" high - boys)   
APPROVED 1/13/09
55m dash
1500m run (boys); 1500m run (girls) 
100m dash
400m dash
800m run
200m dash
3000m run (optional)
4 x 100m relay
sprint medley relay 200m-100m-100m-400m (girls)
sprint medley relay 400m-200m-200m-800m (boys)
4 x 400m relay (optional)

Order of events (boys and girls at same site)
boys - 55m hurdles;  then girls - 55m hurdles
boys - 55m dash;  then girls - 55m dash
boys - 1500m run;  then girls - 1500m run  
boys - 100m dash;  then girls - 100m dash
boys - 400m dash;  then girls - 400m dash
boys - 800m run;  then girls - 800m run
boys - 200m dash;  then girls - 200m dash
boys - 3000m run;  then girls - 3000m run
boys - 4 x 100m relay;  then girls - 4 x 100m relay
girls - sprint medley relay (200m, 100m, 100m, 400m)
boys - sprint medley relay (400m, 200m, 200m, 800m)

Section XI Rules

1.   In grades 7 and 8 coed events are not permitted.

2.   No team score is permitted.

3.   The 55m hurdles consist of five hurdles each 30" (girls); 33" (boys)* in height and spaced:
      a.  start to first hurdle - 12 meters
      b.  distance between hurdles - 8 meters
      c.  fifth hurdle to finish - 11 meters

*Note:  Section XI is participating in the Modified Track and Field pilot program that would increase the height of the hurdle in the 55m modified boys' event from 30 inches to 33 inches.  (Approved by the Athletic Council - 1/13/09).

4.   Hurdles must be arranged prior to the start of the meet and removed at the completion of the race.

5.   All proper equipment should be on hand for conducting a meet:  score cards,  finish twine, cross bars, starting blocks, measuring tapes, rakes and batons.

6.   Coaches and officials must inspect the track and field areas before a meet.  These areas should be free of any glass.  Extra competitors, equipment malfunctions or questions pertinent to the meet should be discussed at this time.

7.   Pole vault and high jump equipment must meet the specifications in the rulebook.

8.   The track runways and landing surfaces should be measured, lined and in good condition.

9.   Sector lines should be drawn for the discus and the shot put.

10.  Field events:  the high jump, pole vault, shot put should start at the beginning of the meet.  The triple jump will begin at the completion of the shot put.

11.  Volunteers may assist and will work at the direction of the officials to expedite the meet.

12.  Runners and spectators must stay off the track and infield areas during the meet.  The track and infield areas are not to be used as warm-up areas.

13.  Only sneakers or shoes with molded soles and molded cleats are permitted in the modified program.  Pin spikes are allowed to be used at the modified level.
(updated 3.19.24)

14.  Students are allowed to wear jewelry as long as it is not considered a safety risk to them or to other athletes.  (updated 3.22.23)

15.   Relays:  All competitors must have the identical school issued uniform.  Body suits may be used if shorts are also worn over them.  At the discretion of the officials due to inclement weather other garments under the relay shirt will be permitted.

In the 4 x 100m relay, each school will time its own team.  The judge/timer will cover zones two and  three.  The starter will cover the first zone and the order of the finish. 

The home school must supply a device (cones) to mark at least the end of the exchange zone for each team.

16.   Coaches must sign all material required by the contract with regard to official's fees.

17.   Coaches should return their officials rating card to their Athletic Director within 24 hours.

Rev. 3/10