Competitive Cheerleading

Any Cheerleading squad that stunts or tumbles (see below) will be considered a Competitive Cheer Squad and is subject to all SED and NYSPHSAA rules and regulations.  A team that does not stunt or tumble would be considered a traditional squad and not subject to SED and NYSPHSAA rules and regulations.

NYSED Regulations

Schools with Competitive Cheer Squads are required to follow the following NYSED regulations:

NYSPHSAA/Section XI Guidelines

         Recognizing the massive commitment and preparation in hosting a cheerleading competition, the next available date for a Varsity competition will be on Sunday (the day after the scheduled event). (For participating schools that are not permitted to attend due to weather related conditions, they will not be penalized in the season long scoring procedure).  

         Competitive Divisions:  VARSITY; Three divisions: Small (5-12), Medium (13-16), and Large (17 & up).  No enrollment will be used during the season; everyone in each division competes against one another.  For the County Championship, enrollment will be used (Large School Division (1000+) Small School Division (999 and below); the top 50% will make counties in each division; resulting in 6 county championís small division 1 & 2; medium division 1 & 2; and large division 1 & 2).  If we participate in the State Championship, the County Champion in large will go and the team with the highest score between small and medium in the County final will go and represent Section XI (using the 750 number).  Should a team with a male(s) qualify for state championship competition, the team must either enter the co-ed division or not allow participation by the male(s) at the state competition.

         JV (Small 5-12) Medium (13-16) & Large 17+)

         Middle School (1 division)

 Post-Season Qualifying

Section XI Championship




NYSPHSAA Championship


The winner and runner-up in each division at the Section XI Championship will receive a plaque.  Medals will be presented to the participants on the championship team for each division.  


SR/November 2018