Section XI is committed to high ethical standards of conduct as applied to coaches and athletes, therefore coaches shall:

   1. Know the rules of the game, the policies of Section XI, and the rules and regulations of NYSPHSAA. The coach and the team shall abide by these rules and regulations.

   2. Actively use their influence to enhance good sportsmanship on the part of their players and their community.

   3. Refrain from the verbal abuse of athletes and/or officials. Profane and vulgar remarks, critical public comments, and off-color humor are demeaning, offensive and unprofessional.

   4. Refrain from the physical abuse of athletes and/or officials. Unnecessary roughness, fighting or any other form of physical abuse cannot be tolerated. (Note: Verbal and physical abuse should never substitute for motivational techniques, which enhance performance without threatening the dignity of the athlete.)

   5. Be responsible for the supervision, discipline, and behavior of his/her athletes and abide by all of the rules and regulations of the host school at away contests.

   6. Preserve the integrity of competition by never humiliating the opponent in a deliberate manner.

   7. In unofficiated sports, ensure honesty in scoring and integrity of calls on the part of their athletes.

  8. Do not attempt to seek an advantage through intimidation of opponents or officials.

   9. Be positive role models relative to the use of controlled and illegal substances (drugs, alcohol, and tobacco).

   10. Recognize that the purpose of athletics is to promote the physical, mental, moral, social, and emotional well being of the individual players.

Violations of this code will be handled by Section XI in the following manner:

   1. Misconduct regarding the inappropriate behavior of a coach shall be referred to the offending coach's athletic director.

   2. If the violation is not reconciled, the athletic director will forward a report to the Executive Director.

   3. On a further violation or flagrant misconduct, the Executive Director will send a formal letter to the coach, athletic director and principal noting that such behavior is unacceptable at Section XI contests. The letter should reflect the degree of inappropriateness.

   4. Should Section XI deem it necessary, the matter will be pursued through the Ethics Committee.