Authorization and Policy
The Section XI Treasurer is an appointed non-voting officer of the Athletic Council and functions under the Bylaws of the Section. These obligations will be discharged by the Treasurer with the close cooperation and advisement of the Executive Director of Section XI.


   1.  Review all bank accounts, and prepare a Treasurer's report for presentation at Executive Board meetings.

   2.  Supervise the issuance of receipts for all Section XI monies received and deposited.

   3.  Supervise the placement by the Coordinator of Accounts and Data Processing the safe keeping at a bank depository approved by the Executive Board, all certificates of deposit, and negotiable instruments representing excess working capital determined by a review of the cash requirements of Section XI.

   4.  Monitor that proper and adequate accounting and internal controls are maintained for all funds received by Section XI.

   5.  Perform any and all other financial duties which the Executive Director/Executive Board/Athletic Council may determine as properly within the scope of the Treasurer.

Financial Planning
In cooperation with the Executive Director, the Treasurer shall:

   1.  Review cash flows and other pertinent data necessary to plan the fiscal needs of Section XI for current and long-range cash needs.

   2.  Assist the Executive Director in the preparation of the annual budget.

   3.  Assist in the audit of the certified public accountant employed by Section XI as directed by the Executive Board.

    4.  Attend all Executive Board, Athletic Council and Finance Committee meetings.

     5.  At the direction of the Executive Director, act as a liaison to school districts in order to facilitate the payment of dues and other fees to the Section.

The Treasurer shall serve at the pleasure of the Executive Board for a five-year term subject to an annual review by the Executive Board.  

revised 5/23/06