BOYS:  National Federation rules       GIRLS:  NCAA Women's rule

Game Conditions

1.   A minimum of two nights rest between contests.
2.   The maximum number of contests shall be 10. 
3.   Six practices are required before the
first scrimmage/contest.
4.   Contests may be played with only one night of rest three times per season for rescheduling purposes only. 
5.   A team may never play three days in a row. 
6.   There shall not be more than three contests played per calendar week. 

Game Rules

1.  The maximum length of the quarter shall be seven minutes.

2.  If a game is tied at the end of regulation play, there will be an overtime period of three minutes. If it is still tied, additional overtime sudden victory periods will be played until at least one point is scored. Overtime periods have a maximum length of three minutes. 

3.  Free substitution is facilitated by permitting substitutions on: 
     a.  any dead ball except after awarded goal
     b.  any violation.

In gymnasiums where the 3 point line is present, either permanent or temporary, it shall be utilized in the contest. updated 10.4.23

5.  Timeouts (Girls)
     4- Full timeouts=60 seconds
     2- 30 second
     1 additional 30 second TO in OT 

We will be enforcing the 10 second backcourt violation

Section XI Rules

1.  The standard size basketball is mandated. 

2.  BOYS:  The 35-second rule will NOT be used.     GIRLS:  The 30-second rule will NOT be used.

3.  Only a player-to-player defense may be used at the B level. The officials will be responsible for the enforcement of the regulation. 
     a.  A warning will be given for the first violation and a technical foul for each thereafter. 
     b.  Clarification:
          (1)  It is an infraction if a player without the ball is double-teamed.
          (2)  There can be only as many defensive players in the backcourt as offensive players in the backcourt. EXCEPTION- Defensive players may go into the backcourt to stop a penetrating dribbler (a player who has beat his/her player or a double-team trap) or a player about to receive a pass in a penetrating position.
          (3)  In the frontcourt, when an offensive player cuts toward the basket and through the defense, he/she must be followed or picked up; but when he/she goes out to the side, the defensive player does not have to follow.

4.  When there is a 20 point differential, no defensive player is allowed in the backcourt.

B Level Program - Five Period Format
The five period format is MANDATED for all B level teams in basketball except for the teams which have opted to be scheduled in regulation contest devices. The extra quarter format for extra participation is NOT AN OPTION for the B level in Section XI. 
The following are conditions of this program: 

1.  Only B level teams may participate.

2.  Teams shall be divided into two squads of equal numbers and equal ability. 

3.  Coaches must exchange rosters prior to every contest. 

4.  One squad will play the first and third periods and the other squad will play the second and fourth periods. All players are eligible for the fifth period and overtime periods.

5.  All points scored count.

6.  Teams having the minimum numbers of 12 players are obligated to play five periods (unless on austerity) provided their opponents also meet the minimum numbers.

7.  If teams have fewer than 12 players but still can field two full teams, those teams may opt to play five periods. (If substitutes are used, note #8.)


9.   There is no half-time when five periods are played.

10.  Teams shall change baskets after the second period.

11.  Boys and Girls:  Two free throws are awarded beginning with each team's fifth foul during each period. Team fouls will reset at the beginning of each period. (updated 10/23)

12.  In the fifth period:
       a.  play shall continue without a change of baskets,

        b.  possession at the beginning of the 5th period shall be determined by the alternate possession arrow,
       c.  each team is entitled to one additional time-out.

13.  Extra compensation forms presented by the officials must be signed by the home coach. 

14.  Each coach is requested to make a notation on the rating card verifying the extra compensation for the officials.

B Level Program - Four Quarters/Regulation Contest
When austerity or insufficient numbers of players dictate that five periods cannot be played at the B level, the following conditions are applicable:
1.  The five period format must be utilized.
2.  There is a half-time.
3.  Extra quarters may NOT be played.

Rev. 12/15