Game Conditions

1.   A minimum of two nights rest between contests.
2.   The maximum number of contests shall be eight.
3.   Ten practices are required before the first scrimmage.
4.   Fifteen practices are required before the first interschool contest.

Game Rules

1.   National Federation Boys Gymnastics Rules shall govern.

2.   A gymnast may enter three events with the exception of two team members whose entries may be unlimited.

3.   Events 
     a.   Free Exercise - 40' X 40' with minimum of four 5' X 10' mats placed diagonally across 40' square.  Exercise should combine elements of agility, tumbling, strength and flexibility.  The gymnast should move in different directions and utilize the entire area.  The minimum time of the routine is 45 seconds with a maximum time of 70 seconds.

     b.  Side Horse - The gymnast must work on all three parts of the horse without stops or holds and with a minimum of four moves.

     c.  Still Rings - The exercise should consist of a minimum of six moves, including a mount and dismount, and should include swinging, strength and hold positions.

     d.  Long Horse Vaulting - 47" height  with type of take-off board determined by league or section.  Two vaults may be performed utilizing National Federation Boys Gymnastics Table of Difficulty with best vault to score.

     e.   Parallel Bars - The exercise should consist of a minimum of six moves, including a mount and dismount, and consist of swinging movements combined with strength and holding positions.  Movements below and above the bars should also be shown.

     f.   Horizontal Bar - The gymnast's coach must spot. Exercise should consist of a minimum of six moves including a mount and dismount with a minimum of holding and stopping.

Specific Rules for Events

1.   Safety and Spotting - A gymnast shall be allowed to have a spotter while performing without a deduction, unless the spotter aides or assists the gymnast.

2.   The coach shall check all apparatus for safety and correct height setting.

3.   The use of 4" landing mats are encouraged on all events with the equivalent of four inches of mats required under the horizontal bar, still rings and vault landing area.  A 12" mat may be used for dismounts without a deduction.