I.             School Sponsored TV and Radio Broadcasts

a.     A. Only authorized school sponsored and supervised television and radio programs, which are non-profit, are considered under this policy. These programs are educational because school staff members and students conduct them.

b.     These programs will be televised under the educational access policy of the FCC.

c.     Section XI will determine whether broadcasts and telecasts are to be live or delayed tape.

d.     These broadcasts may not contain commercial advertisements.

e.     Written permission for live broadcasts must be received from Section XI at least 48 hours prior to the contest.

f.      There will be no fee for programs for the educational access channel.

g.     Procedure for schools wishing to tape Section XI tournament events:
I.    The athletic director of the school wishing to tape a contest must contact the sport chairman and site director.
II.    Each schoolís television or radio crew will consist of a maximum of six people, including one supervisor, unless special permission is granted for additional help from the site director.
III.    School television and radio crews do not have access to the official scoring and timing table.
IV.    The television and radio broadcasts are subject to all national, state and Section XI rules.
V.    The sport or site chairman will determine the location of the television and radio crew, equipment, etc.

II.           Public and Commercial Television and Radio Broadcasts

a.     Section XI shall determine appropriate fees for broadcast and telecast rights.

b.     Participating schools and Section XI do not surrender their rights to tape and broadcast these athletic events.

c.     Commercial telecasts will be limited to one production crew on site per event.

d.     Telecasts will deal directly with Section XIís Executive Director, sport chairman and site director.

e.     Section XI reserves the right of sponsor approval.

III.         Videotaping

a.     Commercial: The videotaping of Section XI sponsored contests leading to the solicitation or sale of tapes is strictly prohibited.

b.     Practices and Scrimmages: The videotaping of practices and/or scrimmages by a third party school is not permitted. The use by third party schools of privately owned videotapes of practices/scrimmages is not permitted.

c.     Contests: The use of videotapes of contests for the purpose of scouting is not prohibited under this policy.

d.     Notification: Personnel videotaping contests must identify themselves to the host school site director or supervisor and are expected to follow any and all directions given by the host school.

IV.          Media Credentials

a.     Section XI does offer media credentials to media members who place a formal request with Section XIís communication coordinator and all formal requests must be copied to the Section XI Executive Director.

b.     Media credentials can be used when covering regular season or post-season events.

c.     Individual school districts and buildings hold discretion on if reporters are allowed in certain areas, even if reporters have Section XI credentials.

d.     Reporters are not allowed in any locker rooms, class rooms, team huddles, or team vehicles and can be told where to stand by school or Section XI officials.

V.            Section XI Marks and Logos

a.     Section XI marks and logos may not be used without the written permission of a Section XI official.

b.     Written permission also is required for the use of the Section XI logo clothing and other items.

VI.          General Rules

a.     Section XI encourages media coverage of its events, programs, student-athletes and coaches, but within respect for the privacy of each.

b.     We ask that all reporters and communication professionals conduct themselves in accordance with the code of ethics provided by the Society of Professional Journalists.

c.     Any questions or comments regarding this policy should be directed towards the Section XI communications coordinator.

d.     In times of emergency, all of the above regulations and policies may be suspended or altered.

revised 8/16