I.  Officials Rating System

    A.  The only instrument for evaluating movement to varsity, junior varsity or junior high levels will be the officials' rating card.

    B.  All ratings below 3 must be accompanied by written comments related to the official's performance in that contest and consistent with the suggested criteria on the officials' rating card. Low ratings do not preclude the future assignment of any official to that school's contests.

    C.  The following rating scale should be maintained: 5-Superior, 4.5-Excellent, 4-Good, 3.5-Acceptable, 3-Needs Improvement, 2-Poor, 1-Inadequate, 0-No Show

    D.  Automatic 5's will not be considered in ranking officials for Section XI tournament assignments.

    E.  Automatic 5's will be considered for movement from one level to another only by averaging the ratings with automatics and the ratings without automatics for a final rating.

    F.  Officials with the highest ratings at a lower level will be moved to the next higher level as needed.

The 3.5 rating is the minimum acceptable for the level assigned. An official's final average rating that is below 3.5 will cause him/her to be moved to the next lower level. A junior high rated official who has failed to meet the 3.5 minimum standard must reapply to the respective officials' organization for active status.

     G.  Selection and assignment of officials for all Section XI tournament contests shall be the sole responsibility of Section XI. Officials will be selected according to the average of ratings for the current season.

     H.  1.  The minimum numbers of contests an official must work in order to be eligible for Section XI tournament contests or movement to the next higher level are:

Baseball 14   Lacrosse 14   Track 8
Basketball 14   Soccer 14   G Volleyball 14
Fencing 5   Softball 14   B Volleyball 10
Field Hockey 12   G Swimming 8   Winter Track 5
Football 6 B Swimming 6 Wrestling 8
Gymnastics 8            

 (UPDATED 9/08)

    2.  Only those contests that an official works at his/her level will count toward the final average. If an official is assigned contests above or below his/her level and does not work the minimum number of contests at the designated level, the total number of contests worked will count in determining the officials' status. Section XI reserves the right to alter these minimum standards according to need.

     I.  Recommended procedures for the submission of officials' rating cards are as follows:

        Beginning Fall 2011, all officials' ratings will be entered by the coach using the Section XI on-line rating system.  All officials'     ratings must be submitted to the Athletic Director for approval.  Athletic Directors must review all coaches' comments for validity and submit the ratings to the Section XI office within one week of the contest.

     J.  Numerical ratings should be further clarified at the varsity level to provide a better understanding of what is needed to qualify for the play-offs.
For example:
     5.0 - Superior - capable of working any play-off, including the championship game.
     4.5 - Excellent - definitely belongs in the play-offs, but a shade below the superior official.
     4.0 - Good - average, may work the play-offs but only in early rounds.
     3.5 - Acceptable - not play-off caliber.
     3.0 and below - Unacceptable at the varsity level.

II.  Number of Officials

Where two officials have been assigned to a contest and only one official shows, the contest  must be played after efforts have been made to secure a second official.

Rev 6/11