1.    National Federation Rules.

2.    The course distance shall be at least 2.5 miles and not more than 5000 meters.

3.    In all championship meets, a cross country team shall consist of seven runners.  In dual and triangular meets, 12 runners shall be allowed to participate, but the best five scorers will count.  Ties in team scoring shall be resolved by comparing the sixth-place finishers from the tying teams.  The team with the best sixth-place finisher shall prevail.

4.    When more than two teams run together in a non-championship meet, the scores shall be separated and recorded as dual meet scores.

5.    Visiting teams should be granted an opportunity to walk or jog the course prior to the meet.  Any questionable turns, markings, etc, should be clarified before competition.

6.    All cross country courses should be properly marked as per NFHS Track and Field Rules.

7.    Mandating a two meet per week league schedule should be avoided. (Oct 1994)

8.    In Section XI sponsored competition, an individual competitor may not receive points, but the school shall receive credit for the placement.

9.    If a modified heat alert is called no cross country will complete.

                                            Section XI Championships (Revised 5/22/07)

DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIPS - There will be three races each for boys and girls.

The Division Championship will determine:
    1)  Division One Champions
    2)  Division Two Champions
    3)  Division Three Champions
    4)  Division Four Champions
    5)  Overall Championship Teams (boys and girls)

Race #1
- Championship Race (20 team limit)

       1.    The Championship Race will consist of the top 20 teams - the top two teams in each league and four at-large teams.  The at-large teams will be determined by their five-person average for the 5K course at Sunken Meadow.  (Approved 1/13/09)

 2.    All Division Championships will be determined from this race.

       3.    Individuals from teams that did not qualify for this championship race may enter if the runner ran one of the top fifty times in the Section on the 5K course at Sunken Meadow during the season.  (Approved 3/11/08)

Race #2 - Team Championship

       1.    This race is for all remaining teams that are not in the Championship Race.
       2.    Only 7 runners from each school.
       3.    Races #1 and #2 will determine the top 20 individual times combined overall.

Race #3 - Individual Race

       1.    This will include individual team members who did not compete in Race #1 or Race #2.
       2.    Schools may have more than 7 runners in this race.

Section XI Team Championships - Qualifying Standards  (Revised 1/10/13)

       1.    Your team must have competed in the Division Championships.
       2.    Top 6 teams in each class will qualify.
       3.    All boys' teams that have a five-person average of 19:30 minutes during a sanction 5K race at Sunken Meadow also qualify.
       4.    Male individuals who have run 18:30 for 5K at a sanction cross country meet at Sunken Meadow also qualify.
       5.    All girls' teams that have a five-person average of 23:00 minutes during a sanction 5K race at Sunken Meadow will qualify.
       6.    Female individuals who have run 22:00 for 5K at a sanction cross country meet at Sunken Meadow will qualify.
       7.    A school that does not meet the above criteria may petition entry into the Section XI Championships.

Rev 1/10/13