National Federation rules

Game Conditions

1.  A contestant (or team) may participate in competitions not to exceed 10 points during their season.  Points assessed to competitions are as follows:
     a.  A 1-point meet is any competition where a wrestler or wrestlers compete in one or two bouts.
     b.  A 2-point meet is any competition where a wrestler or wrestlers compete in three bouts.
     c.  2-point meets are any competitions where a wrestler or wrestlers compete in 3 or 4 bouts and if a contestant competes in two, three or four bouts per contest, the time periods will be either: (1) three 1 minute periods, or (2) 1st period: 1 minute; 2nd and 3rd periods: 1 1/2 minutes. (updated 10/16)

2.  No contestant (or team) can accumulate more than 6 points out of the maximum 10 points allowed via 2-point contests.

3.  No contestant (or team) can accumulate more than 3 points per week. Modified wrestlers have the option of wearing an alternative to the traditional singlet.  Options may include a form-fitting compression shirt and compression shorts, or a form-fitting compression shirt under the school uniform singlet. (updated 10/16)

4.  There shall be no competition between wrestlers with an age difference of more than 24 months.  A sudden victory overtime period shall be permitted in modified wrestling.  The method of overtime must be determined at the onset of the event.  Wrestlers may start in the standing position or in the referees criteria based on the NFHS wrestling rulebook for sudden victory.  The overtime period shall not exceed 30 seconds. (updated 10/16)

5.  A minimum of two nights rest between contests.

6.  Program A (see below for Program A explanation)
    a.  All matches are 1 minute, 1 1/2 minutes, 1 1/2 minutes.
    b.  Exhibition matches can be 1 minute, 1 minute, 1 minute, if agreed upon by both coaches.
    c.  A wrestler can only have a maximum of two matches per meet.

    Program B (see below for Program B explanation):
    The time periods for bouts shall be as follows:
     a.  If a contestant competes in one or more contests, the time periods are:
            1st period - 1 minute
            2nd and 3rd periods - 1-1/2 minutes
     b.  If a contestant competes in two or three bouts per contest, the time periods can be three 1-minute periods if agreed upon by both coaches.  
There must be a 30 -minute rest period between bouts.  (updated 10/17)

7.  Weight Control:
     a.  The physical education director shall certify each wrestler's weight prior to the first match.  A contestant may not wrestle below his established class except as indicated under b.
     b.  Once a wrestler is established at a weight, weight reduction and participation at a lower weight is permitted only under a doctor's authorization and with the parent's permission.
     c.  A squad list indicating established weights for each team member, as well as birth dates and ages, shall be sent to all opposing schools.
     d.  Wrestlers participating in the modified program may progress in weight.

8.  Weigh-ins on the day of a dual meet shall be established by the Section XI Athletic Council.

9.  The 3-bout (2-point multi-meet) contest cannot be conducted as the last competition of the season.  These meets must be conducted in a round-robin format (not a bracket elimination format), with no recognition of place winners.

10.  There will be no two-pound allowance during Modified Wresting. (App 5/18/10)

11.  Coaches are encouraged to e-mail their line up to the opposing coach the evening before the match to expedite the weigh-in process.  (App 5/18/10)

Section XI Rules

1.  Squad lists indicating ESTABLISHED WEIGHTS FOR EACH TEAM MEMBER as well as birth dates, ages, and grades, shall be sent to the modified wrestling chairman and all opposing schools. Squad lists are to be submitted by the 15th of February or prior to the first match whichever is sooner.  Please see that this is done without fail!

2.  Program A - Teams will have side by side weigh-ins prior to the start of the meet for all team scoring wrestlers.  Program B - The weigh-ins will take place prior to the individual pairings.

3.  The honor weigh-in procedure as stated in the NYSPHSAA Handbook is not in effect in Section XI modified wrestling.

4.  A dual meet contest is to be limited to two hours.

5.  Tournament competition is prohibited at the modified level.

Program B -
6.  Preliminary Match-up:  Coaches will conduct a preliminary match-up of wrestlers.  Home coaches will initiate contact three days prior to the match.  If no contact is made, the coach must ask the AD for assistance in contacting the opponent.  ADs will emphasize, with wrestling coaches, the need to streamline the weigh-in prior to the match. Coaches will indicate the number of bouts on the rating card in place of the score. (rev 10/21/03)

Program A

Program A is mandatory for all schools in Conference I, II and III.  Conference IV will follow Program A unless both coaches agree to follow Program B due to low participation numbers.  Athletic Directors from Conference IV schools and/or Athletic Directors from schools participating against Conference IV schools in Modified Wrestling shall be permitted to agree to participate in exhibition wrestling matches based on ability, experience, physical strength, maturity and weight, not using weight classes, with no team scoring. (This will be an experiment for the 2009-10 and 2010-11 schools years.  A review will take place after the 2009-10 Modified Wrestling Season).  Approved 10/8/09

1.  Mandatory Weight Classes:  74 (optional), 80, 86, 92, 98, 104, 110, 116, 122, 128, 134, 140, 148, 155, 165 (optional).  Optional Weight Class:  Both coaches can elect to add additional team scoring (or non-team scoring) weight classes above 155 if both coaches agree.  The weight difference of the wrestlers cannot exceed ten pounds. (Revised December 2011)

2.  A minimum weight of 67 pounds will be required to compete in the optional 74 pound weight class. (Revised December 2011)

3.  Wrestlers must weigh in wearing their singlet (socks optional).

4.  The starting time will be 4:30 pm.

5.  There will be a mandatory mat side weigh-in for the competing teams.  All other matches will be exhibition using three one-minute periods.

6.  Regular team scoring will be used.

7.  Wrestlers can move up one weight class after weigh-ins.

8.  Exhibition matches will be established based on ability ANY WEIGHT.  A maximum of a 10 lb variance in weight is allowable (updated 10/17)

Program B

1.  Matching wrestlers:  Both coaches will get together and match their wrestlers.  All safety measures are to be used to equalize competition; namely, experience, physical strength and maturity.

2.  There is no limit to the number of team bouts in a contest.

3.  There will be no competition between wrestlers where the weight variance exceeds that allowed by the NYSPHSAA Program 2 game rules.

4.  Multi-school contests may be conducted provided:
     a.  No participant competes in more matches than allowed,
     b.  all rules are adhered to and,
     c.  no tournament competition is permitted for teams and/or individuals.

5.  Wrestling Weight Class Variances
Weights:  Weight Class is listed first, variance second:  70-80 lbs. (6 lbs.); 80-90 lbs. (6 lbs.); 90-100 lbs. (6 lbs.); 100-110 lbs. (6 lbs.); 110-120 lbs. (6 lbs.); 120-130 lbs. (6 lbs.); 130-140 lbs. (6 lbs.); 140-150 lbs. (6 lbs.); 150-160 lbs. (6 lbs.); heaver weights (6 lbs.). 
Variance:  The variance listed above permits a contestant to compete against a competitor who is either in a lower or higher weight group, as long as both wrestlers stay within the variance listed.  (i.e., a wrestler in the 70-80 lbs. group who weighs 78 lbs. can compete with a wrestler in the 80-90 lbs. weight group, as long as the heavier wrestler does not weigh more than 84 lbs.

  (Revised 12/12)