Section XI provides transportation and lodging for Regional and NYSPHSAA Championship competition to sites other than those on Long Island.  The Executive Director arranges for all transportation and lodging. To be eligible to compete, all athletes must use the transportation provided by
Section XI.
  Clarification:  On trips off of Long Island, if the athlete does not travel to the competition using transportation provided by Section XI, he/she will not be allowed to compete.
A district who provides “district transportation”, organized by the Athletic Director, may waive the Section XI transportation travel policy. This may only occur when attending a State Championship where an overnight stay is not provided by Section XI.  When this occurs, the district assumes all responsibility for the athlete(s) before, during and after the State Championship tournament.
The only exception to this rule is that an athlete may return home with his/her own parent(s) if the request is made in writing by the parent(s) utilizing the Section XI travel release form to the sport chairman (or the athletic director in the case of a team sport) prior to the athlete's departure from Suffolk County and provided the athlete is released at the competition site to his/her own parent(s).
BUS TRANSPORTATION - For Individual Sports
At the discretion of the sport chairman and the Executive Director, coaches MAY be invited to ride the bus without charge, provided space is available.  There is no provision for alternates or athletes who have not qualified.

The sport chairman shall arrange for travel supervision as follows:
The chairperson in conjunction with Section XI has the responsibility to ensure there is adequate supervision on the bus to the State Championship for all individual Sports.
In gymnastics, swimming, tennis, wrestling, golf and bowling -
1 supervisor in addition to the sport chairman.
In cross country, winter track and spring track - 4 supervisors in addition to the sport chairman.
Bus departure times and sites are determined by the sport chairman and the Executive Director.
Bus transportation will NOT BE PROVIDED for parents, extra athletes, coaches from other schools, or family members of athletes or coaches.
Limitations on transportation for team sports are:
~ Basketball and Volleyball = 16 maximum
~ Baseball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, and Softball = 23 maximum
~ Cheerleading:  Large Squad = 36 maximum
                                 Small Squad = 23 maximum
These numbers reflect the TOTAL team party including coaches and supervisors.
In team sports each school shall provide its own supervision.  Section XI will fund a maximum of two adults per team.  (Additional supervisors that member schools wish to provide will be welcomed, providing there is room on the bus.)
Specific departure times will be determined by the team's athletic director in consultation with the Executive Director.  Depending on the destination, teams which have a scheduled competition prior to 4PM will generally travel to the site the day before competing.  Departure from the site is immediately following the conclusion of the competition or after a team loses in an elimination format. There will be no stops for practicing prior to arrival at the competition site.  Unless prior approval is granted by Section XI. There will be no side trips or stopovers exclusive of the usual meal breaks.
Athletes are housed four per room.  Coaches are housed two per room.
Rooming lists must be provided to the Executive Director by the sport chairman for individual sports, and by the athletic director for team sports. IF additional rooms are available and IF travel space is available, the Executive Director will arrange lodging for athletes/coaches beyond the limitations set above, and schools will be billed accordingly.
MEAL ALLOWANCES Effective 2012-13 school year, Section XI will not supply meal stipends.
Individual Sports
Athletes and coaches are to check out of the hotel prior to competing on the final day of competition.  This will be at the direction of the sport chairman.
Team Sports
On the first day of competition, teams must check out of the hotel PRIOR to game time.  If successful, they will check into the hotel again following the competition.
At no time should athletes/coaches remain in hotel rooms beyond the hotel's specified checkout time UNLESS specific arrangements have been made to do so by the Executive Director.
1.  There will be no use of any form of alcoholic beverages.
2.  There will be no smoking, vaping OR tobacco product use permitted.
3.  There will be no use of drugs in any form unless prescribed by a physician.
4.  All curfews and bed checks will be adhered to as set by the supervisor or coach in charge.
5.  When traveling with Section XI as part of the NYSPHSAA championship tournament student athletes must remain with their Section XI chaperone for the duration of the event.  At no time, may a student athlete be permitted to be released to their parents or guardians unless it is to sign them out at the conclusion of their tournament play utilizing the Section XI travel release form.
1.  If a violation occurs prior to or during the competition, the athlete will not be allowed to compete or to continue to compete.  Section XI will make a recommendation for disciplinary action.
2.  If a violation occurs after the competition, Section XI will make a recommendation for disciplinary action.
3.  If the situation becomes intolerable, the parents and school will be notified immediately and arrangements made to transport the athlete home.


Rev. 5/23