I. No contest or interschool scrimmage may be scheduled in Section XI by a Section XI school on the following days:

    Rosh Hashanah (1st and 2nd day)
    Yom Kippur
    Christmas Eve
    Holy Thursday
    Good Friday
    1st Day of Passover

II. Jewish holy days begin at sundown of the preceding day. Therefore, all athletes must be able to be home by 6:00 PM on the days preceding Jewish holy days which are:

    Rosh Hashanah
    Yom Kippur
    1st Day of Passover


I.   Incomplete Schedules

     Any school not having completed a league or division schedule will be suspended from competition (deleted from a league/division schedule) in that sport for one year.  The Executive Director will notify the school, in writing, within five days of the end of the season that they did not complete their schedule and will not receive a schedule for the next school year.

     An appeal to the Ethics Committee is the only recourse to mitigate the suspension.

II.  Incomplete Schedules - League Standings

     1. If for any reason a school drops its varsity schedule before the start of the league/division schedule, forfeits will not be considered.

     2. Forfeits will result if a school drops its varsity schedule after playing a league/division contest.

     3. Forfeits will count in league/conference standings and will be considered in Section XI tournament selection and seeding.

     4. All games played previous to the team dropping its schedule will stand.