1.  All play shall be governed by USGA Stroke Play Rules unless otherwise herein amended.

2.  There is no minimum number of practices required before a scrimmage or official contest.

3.  League placement will be determined geographically according to the location of a school's home golf course.

4.  Leagues I and II (Spring Leagues) shall be allowed to have 5 teams instead of the required 6 teams. (Approved 5/12/15)

4.  Each coach must file an official roster with the league chairman and each coach in his league.

6. Coaches are obligated to play their best player in #1 position, second best in #2 position, etc. Matches may be played with a minimum of five players. When this occurs, the #6 match is conceded.

7.  The home team coach will submit his line-up for the day to the visiting coach. The visiting coach will then add his line-up. A form provided by the sport chairman will be used for this purpose.

8.  The starting time for matches is recommended to be no later that 3:30PM whenever possible.

9.  No person shall be permitted to accompany or follow any match or player during the play of a league match. Spectators are permitted at the division and Section XI championship and at the Long Island HS Championship and the NYSPHSAA tournament.

10.  The home team will inform the visiting team of any local rules  that are in effect at the time of the match. It is strongly recommended that a sheet of rules be provided to include any provisions for a dress code.

11.  All league matches shall be played under winter rules:
      A.  A ball lying on the fairway of the hole being played may be lifted and cleaned, without penalty, and may be replaced within six inches of where it originally lay, not nearer the hole, and so as to preserve as nearly as possible the stance required to play from the original lie.
      B.  A ball in a sand trap may be lifted, the sand smoothed with the foot, and the ball placed where is originally was.

12.  Scoring of League Matches
The total score for each team match shall be nine points. Each player will play his opponent on a stroke play basis. One point is awarded for each of the six individual matches - 1/2 point for halved matches. Three points will be awarded to the team with the lowest aggregate score using their five lowest scores. If the aggregate team score is tied, 1-1/2 points will be awarded to each team.

If a tie in the team match results after using the procedure outlined above, the following must be used to break the tie:
    A.  The sixth medal score must be compared. A team without a sixth score loses.
    B.  If a tie still exists, all tied individual matches will be played to completion.
    C.  If a tie continues after using procedures a and b, each coach shall designate a player to go out to break the tie.
    D.  The team score in a tiebreaker should read: 4-1/2* - 4-1/2. (*Won in playoff).

13.  In league and non-league matches only, players from the same team in the same foursome may give and receive advice from one another.

14.  Scores in a match are considered to be posted after the official Section XI golf match report has been signed by both coaches.

15.  If a tie cannot be broken because of darkness, bad weather, or other extenuating circumstances on the day of play, the entire match shall be replayed on another day.

16.  It is the decision of the home team coach whether or not to postpone a match due to inclement weather. League contests postponed because of weather or other reasons must be played on the next available date on which a league match is not scheduled. League contests take preference over non-league contests. If a coach postpones a match, he must contact an official from the opposing school at least two hours before the scheduled start of the contest.

17.  It shall be the responsibility of the winning coach to call the newspaper with the results of that day's match, and to send the results of the match to the league chairman.

18.  After every league and non-league match, each coach must fill out the Section XI sportsmanship rating card.

19.  Protests
      A.  The opposing coach must be notified as soon as the violation of rules is suspected.
      B.  If it is agreed a violation existed, the match in question should be continued from the point prior to the protest (exact conditions prevailing).
      C.  If agreement cannot be reached, normal Section XI procedure must be followed. The intent to protest a match must be indicated by the protesting coach before either team leaves for home.

20.  When the division tournament is held in a season different from the season during which the league schedule is played, individuals and teams may conduct up to ten practice sessions in preparation for this tournament. Scrimmages may be played and will be considered practices.

21. Qualifying Tournament - The Section XI Boys' Golf tournament shall consist of a qualifying round at the conclusion of the regular season, with the top 20 players from a six-team league and 22 players from a seven-team league qualifying for the Section tournament.

    A.  Team/Individual Entries
         1.  League teams may send up to a maximum of six (6) individual golfers to compete in the league qualifying tournament.  A minimum of five (5) are required to qualify for team competition though a coach may elect to send fewer than five if he/she elects to send fewer based on individual skill.  Six-team leagues will have a maximum of 36 golfers entered in the league tournament.  Seven-team leagues will have a maximum of 42 golfers entered in the league tournament.  Coaches from each team will form a rules committee to decide any necessary rulings that arise during the course of play.

    B.  Tournament Guidelines
        1.  Location:  A rotating host school will be responsible for arranging the tee times at a preferably neutral site.  If a neutral site cannot be found, the home course of the host school will be used.  The host course will have the opportunity to include any requirements for teams and individuals.  The host school will rotate each year upon agreement of all coaches.
        2.  Starting Times:  Given the time of year (late autumn and the need for all golfers to finish 18 holes to play), it is recommended that starting times begin no later than 12 noon.  Foursomes should be started at eight to ten minute intervals.
        3.  Team Arrival:  Teams should arrive at least one hour before the first tee time and check in with the league chairman or host school coach.  Buses will drop off/pick up golfers and park in areas designated by the host course.  All teams will be provided with equal warm-up privileges.
        4.  Rules, Etiquette and Team Behavior:  Coaches are reminded to review rules, proper etiquette, expected team behavior and possible penalties for any breach of rules/etiquette which could include disqualifications and school suspensions.  Local rules of the course should also be discussed.
        5.  Foursome Assignments:  Coaches will rank their individual players 1-6 so that appropriate foursomes can be arranged prior to the start of the tournament.  A team roster that includes names, home school, grade and ranking will be submitted to the league chairman one week before the tournament so that foursomes can be made.
        6.  Coach Supervision:  Team coaches will be responsible for their team's behavior while at the course.  Coaches will also assist in starting, hole marshalling, fore caddying and scoring when needed.

    C.  Tournament Format and Scoring
        1.  18 hole, stroke play to determine individual and team qualifiers.
        2.  Golfers will be placed in foursomes based on coach's rankings.  Higher ranked foursomes will tee-off first.
        3.  All foursomes will start from the designated first hole otherwise directed by the golf course or tournament director (league chairman).
        4.  Individual golfers will be responsible for keeping score for the other golfers in their foursome.  Scores will be verified after each hole.  Score cards will be signed upon completion of the round and submitted to the rules committee.
        5.  Team Scoring/Qualifications:  Team scores will be determined by summing the low five individual 18-hole totals.  The first and second place teams from the regular season qualify for the team competition in the Section XI County Tournament.  The highest finishing team in the League Qualifying Tournament that DID NOT qualify from the regular season will also qualify for the County Tournament.  Any ties will be determined by agreed tie-breakers. 
        6.  Individual Qualification:  The lowest 20 individual 18-hole totals from each league (25 individuals for 7-team leagues) will qualify for the Section XI Individual Championship.  Any individual ties will be decided by a sudden-death playoff on holes decided by the rules committee.
        7.  The score of a player on a league qualifying team who does not qualify for the Individual Championship may ONLY count his/her score in the team total of the two-day County Tournament.

22.  Division Tournament Qualification
      A.  The first and second place teams from the regular season qualify for the team competition in the Section XI County Tournament.  The highest finishing team in the League Qualifying Tournament that DID NOT qualify from the regular season will also qualify for the County Tournament.  If a tie in the team match results, the in-season tie breaking procedures will be followed to resolve the tie.
      B.  Requests to change a player's starting time in the division tournament must be made to the sport chairman no later than one week prior to the tournament. Conflicts created by social obligations will not be considered sufficient grounds for such change.

23.  Section XI Tournament Qualifications
      A.  The low six teams and ties (using the five best individual scores) will qualify to play in the Section XI tournament.
      B.  The low 30 individuals and ties will qualify.
      C.  In the unusual event that the division tournaments are completed on different days under vastly different weather conditions, a committee consisting of the sport chairman, a coach representing Division I and II and a coach representing Division III and IV (chosen by the sport chairman) may be convened, if two of the three deem it necessary, to consider the possibility of admitting additional players to the Section XI tournament who otherwise would not have qualified but who played under these vastly more difficult conditions.
            This committee will meet only if conditions are so different as to render the Section XI qualifying competition unfair and unequal.

24.  Long Island High School Team Championship
      A.  The Section VIII and Section XI team champions will play at a mutually agreed upon site and date to decide a Long Island High School Champion.
      B.  These teams may not already have played the maximum number of official golf matches permitted under the NYSPHSAA Rules.
      C. Spectators will be permitted.
      D.  Each player will receive a bag tag and individual medal.
      E.  The winning team shall hold the Long Island Cup for one year.

25.  NYSPHSAA Tournament Qualification
      A.  The top nine  medalists from the Section XI tournament will qualify to play in the NYSPHSAA tournament.
      B.  The tenth place  medalist will be the first alternate.
      C.  Any and all ties for places in the ten  medalist positions will be broken by sudden victory payoff. (Tenth place for medal only).
      D.  It is recommended that coaches accompany their players to the NYSPHSAA tournament and supervise their behavior.

Team Championship Bracket
The 8 league champions receive first round byes.  The other 16 teams consist of the top four qualifying teams from each of the four conference tournaments. 
       All 24 teams are placed into a slope/rating matrix where course rating, slope, strokes, and top 5 team average to calculate a ranking 1-24. 



The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to promote good sportsmanship and to encourage behavior conducive to good golf and fair play.

1.  An essential element of Section XI high school golf programs is the fostering of proper player behavior. Coaches must provide instruction in the rules of golf etiquette and in the Section XI Code of Conduct.

2.  Players are expected to act appropriately at all times.

3.  Club throwing, smoking or the use of any form of alcoholic beverage or non-prescription drug will result in immediate disqualification.

4.  Gambling, the use of abusive language and other unspecified forms of  unsportsmanlike conduct may result in disqualification.

5.  Concern for the proper care and maintenance of the golf course must be observed to include replacing divots, raking sand traps and repairing ball marks on greens.

6.  Coaches should establish a presentable dress code for their teams.

Violations may result in serious repercussions for offending players. The following procedures will be used when infractions occur:

                                                  League Play

1.  Each coach is responsible for the conduct of his own players and the enforcement of the Section XI Code of Conduct.

2.  A player disqualified for willful misconduct may not participate in his team's next regularly scheduled contest (including post-season tournaments).
If a suspended player participates in a contest, he is deemed ineligible and that contest is considered forfeited.
All disqualifications must be reported to the athletic director accompanied by a concise written report.

3.  If the opposing coach does not feel that appropriate action was taken, the sport chairman should be notified. The matter may then be referred to the offending player's athletic director and the Section XI Executive Director.

                                              Post-Season Tournament Play

1.  All complaints shall be referred to the tournament chairman and rules committee.

2.  The tournament rules committee will investigate the incident and inform the offending player's coach of their decision.

3.  Players should be advised that disqualification from the division or Section XI tournaments terminates the offending player's golf season.

                           Division and Section XI Tournament Rules and Regulations

1.  The division and Section XI tournaments shall be medal play competitions governed by USGA Stroke Play Rules unless herein otherwise amended.

2.  Coaches will serve as marker-observers for both the division and Section XI tournaments. Schools sending teams to the division tournament are required to send one coach and one additional adult to be assigned as a marker.

3.  All coaches and/or adults accompanying the participants to the tournament shall remain with the player(s). 

4.  Coaches must be present at the course (at all times) for the duration of their player's competition. These coaches are to be available for duties as assigned by the sport chairman.

5.  Players are expected to observe the Section XI golf code of conduct. The tournament rules committees will strictly enforce this code. Smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages, club throwing, using abusive language and other forms of unsportsmanlike conduct are specifically prohibited. Violations of the code of conduct will result in disqualification.

6.  There will be no coaching of the players either by coaches or other spectators during the course of play.

7.  All players will carry their own bag or use a pull cart.

8.  Any player who is late for his tee off time will be disqualified.

9.  The sport chairman will appoint a committee from among the coaches to render decisions on any question that may arise during play.

10.  The Section XI tournament will be a 36-hole stroke play event. A player's division tournament score will count as the first round of the Section XI tournament.

11.  The team representing Section XI in the NYSPHSAA tournament will consist of the nine lowest 36-hole medal scores. Any and all ties for places in the 10  medalist positions will be broken by a sudden victory playoff. (Tenth place for medal only).

12.  The Section XI team champion will be determined on the basis of the five low 18-hole scores shot each day by the six competing teams. Coaches may play different players the second day as long as they indicate for whom they are substituting.

13.  If a tie results, the score of the sixth player playing the second day will be used. If a tie continues, the score of the sixth player from the first day will be used.

14. If a tie still exists, the teams will play 18 holes on another date selected by the sport chairman.

15.  Discontinuance of Play
If weather conditions render the course unfit for play, play may be temporarily suspended by the sport chairman. A gun will be sounded to indicate that play has been suspended. Players should leave their balls as they lie or mark them and immediately return to the clubhouse. Play will be resumed from where it was discontinued.
A player may discontinue play on his own if he believes there is danger from lightning.

16.  Doubt as to Procedure (3-3)

In stroke play only, when during the play of a hole a competitor is doubtful of his rights or procedure, he may, without penalty, play a second ball.  After the situation which caused the doubt has arisen, the competitor should, before taking further action, announce to his marker or a fellow competitor his decision to invoke this rule and the ball with which he will score if the rules will permit.

The competitor shall report the facts to the tournament committee before returning his score card unless he scores the same with both balls; if he fails to do so, he shall be disqualified.

If the rules allow the procedure selected in advance by the competitor, the score with the ball selected shall be his score for the hole.

If the competitor fails to announce in advance his decision to invoke this rule or his selection, the score with the original ball, or if the original ball is not one of the balls, the first ball put into play shall count if the rules allow the procedure adopted for such ball.

17.  Through the green, a ball which by force of impact remains imbedded in its own pitch mark in any closely mown area, may be lifted without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to the spot where it lay, and must come to rest not nearer to the hole.

18.  A ball in a sand trap may be lifted, and sand smoothed with the foot and the ball placed where it originally was.

19.  Pre-determined holes on the scorecard shall be designated to determine first place in the event of a tie at the end of the first day of the Section XI championship. (Approved 10/8/09)

20.  Medals for places 2 through 10 shall be awarded with no designation of the finishing place. (Approved 10/8/09)

                                                    The Score Card

1.  Recording Scores:  After each hole, the marker should check the score with each competitor. On the completion of the round, the marker and the competitors shall sign the cards.

2.  Checking Scores:  The competitor shall check his score for each hole, settle any doubtful points with the committee, and return it to the committee as soon as possible. The competitor is solely responsible for the correctness of the score recorded for each hole. The penalty for a breach of rules is disqualification.

3.  No Alteration of Scores:  No alteration may be made on the card after the competitor has returned it to the committee. If a competitor returns a score for any hole lower than actually taken, he shall be disqualified. A score higher than actually taken, must stand as returned.

4.  No coach or other player is to interfere with players passing from one nine to another or coming from the 18th hole to the scoring area. Any infraction of this rule will be penalized two strokes to the individual or team.

5.  All players will wait at the 18th green until the last player has holed out and then proceed to the scoring area with the marker. No player is to communicate with other players or coaches while waiting at the 18th green. Infraction will be two strokes to the player or team.

6.  Each coach and his players should make every effort to report one half hour before the first tee-off time.  

Rev: 5/15