Game Conditions

  1. A minimum of two nights rest between contests
  2. The maximum number of contests shall be ten
  3. Six practices are required before the first scrimmage or game

Game Rules

  1. NFHS Rules with the exception that sticks will be called whenever a stick is raised above the shoulder.
  2. All periods shall be 12 1/2 minutes each
  3. Time-outs: A time-out may be called by a team when the ball is dead. Play is restarted as though time-out had not been called. Duration of the time-out is two minutes. Three time-outs may be called by each coach.
  4. Equipment: Only sneakers or shoes with molded soles and molded cleats are permitted in the modified program. All field players must wear shin guards and mouth guards.  Goalies must wear:  Full face/cage mask-mask-helmet as clarified by NFHS rules (no hard visor), goalie pads, kickers, chest protector, goalie gloves, wraparound throat protector goalie pads , and mouth protector (not white or clear), which may be attached to the helmet.  The goalie may wear field hockey shoulder pads and elbow pads.

Section XI Rules

B Level Program - Five Period Format

A five period format is MANDATED for all B level teams in field hockey except for those teams which have opted to be scheduled in regulation contest devices. The extra period format for extra participation is NOT AN OPTION for the B level programs in Section XI. The following are conditions of this program:

  1. Only B level teams may participate.
  2. Teams shall be divided into two squads of equal numbers and equal ability.
  3. Coaches must exchange rosters prior to every contest.
  4. One squad will play the first and third periods and the other squad will play the second and fourth periods. All players are eligible for the fifth period.
  5. All goals scored count.
  6. Teams having the minimum numbers of 24 players are obligated to play five periods provided their opponents also meet the minimum number of 24.
  7. If teams have fewer than the minimum number of players but still can field two full teams, those teams may opt to play five periods. (If substitutes are used, note #8.)
  9. There is no half-time intermission when five periods are played.  There will be a 2:00 minute rest in between all periods.
  10. Extra compensation forms presented by the officials must be signed by the home coach.
  11. Each coach is requested to make a notation on the rating card verifying the extra compensation for the officials.

B Level Program - Four Periods/Regulation Contest

When a regulation contest is played at the B level, the following conditions are applicable:

  1. Both teams must utilize an A/B format.
  2. There will be a 2:00 minute rest in between the 1st and 2nd periods; 3rd and 4th periods.  There will be a 5:00 minute rest in between the 2nd and 3rd periods.
  3. Extra periods may NOT be played.

    REV. 7/20