USTA rules

Participation Regulations:
1.  The maximum number of allowable contests in Section XI is 16.
2.  Participation in a two-day invitational tournament shall count as one of the allowable contests, and only three such tournaments shall be permitted.
3.  In invitational tournaments, individuals may not participate in more than three matches per day. If three matches are played, a modified scoring system of a 10-game pro set will be used with a 12-point tie breaker at 9-all. (revised 8/24/05)
4.  Two matches may be played on one day provided one of the following modified scoring systems is used:  best 2 of 3 sets using no ad scoring with a 12-point tie breaker at 6-all, or 10 game pro-set using regular scoring with a 12-point tie breaker at 9-all.  (revised 5/22/03)

League Play
1.  Schedules:  All schools must play matches on dates scheduled by Section XI.  For varsity postponements, the next available date policy must be followed.

2.  Match Time:  Matches will start by 4:00 PM or earlier and no later than 20 minutes after the visiting team arrives (10-minute warm-up included in 20 minutes). Schools with only four courts should try to start matches as
early as possible. (revised 8/24/05)

3.  Match Play:  Matches consist of four singles contests and three doubles contests. Each contest scores 1 point, and the team winning 4 points wins the match.  Individuals may compete in only one contest per match.
Matches will be 2 out of 3, 6-game sets, using no ad scoring.  Sets tied at 6-all will use a 12-point tie breaker.  The USTA format of no break while switching sides after the first game will be in effect.  There will be a 90-second break during all other changeovers and at the completion of the first set.  In a 3-set match, there is a 10-minute break if requested by either player.  (revised 8/24/05)
One can of balls (recommended USTA yellow) must be provided by the home school per match.
Coaches must agree prior to starting the match to use the following:
    a.  Tie breaker in lieu of a third set
    b.  Ten-game pro-set instead of 2 out of 3 sets; tie breaker at 10-all.  

4.  Line-ups:  Coaches must exchange line-ups and match books, showing previous match line-ups for inspection.  Line-ups must be in order of strength for both singles and doubles.  It is not required to break up a doubles team to fill a singles spot.  Any player noticeably injured before the match begins must be substituted.  Only the last position in either singles or doubles may be defaulted.
Changes in line-ups may be made provided there is an intervening practice between matches and the supporting challenge matches have been played and documented.  Documentation should use the Singles Challenge Matches format listing the match, date, players’ names and scores in either the Singles Challenge Match score sheet provided at the Section XI coaches meeting or Coaches record book.  Proper match-ups of play is the responsibility of the home team.  Once one point has been played, any error results in default against the home team.  (Rev 9/16)

5. Challenge Matches: Challenge matches will allow for changing the rank order of play for both singles and doubles.  Challenge matches during the season will consist of 2 out of 3, 6-game sets. Players may challenge one or two positions ahead on the ladder.  The loser forces the ladder down.  Challenge matches may not be conducted on the same day as a match. (Rev 8/12)

6. Rules of Play: USTA rules apply for play.  Play must be continuous throughout the match.  Practice serves must be taken during the 10-minute warm-up prior to the start of the match.  All points played in good faith stand.  In case of a dispute, a player may request a lines-person. (revised 8/24/05)

7. Dress Code: All team members must be uniformly dressed in a team shirt, and solid colored shorts or skirts.  They may be either white or school colors.  Jams, cutoffs, jeans, and large designs are not permitted.  Any failure to comply will result in competitor(s) being excluded from participation. (revised 8/24/05) 

8. Coaches: Coaches may speak to the players only during the 90-second odd-game change-over.  Coaches must remain outside the courts during play and only enter if an emergency arises.  Players are entitled to a 10-minute rest period between the second and third sets.  

9. Injury: Should a player become injured or have an unavoidable accident, one five-minute treatment will be allowed.  If unable to continue play, a default will be declared.  

10. Spectator Control:  Spectator control is the responsibility of the home team.  Any player distracted by spectators should report the incident to the home coach.  Sportsmanship should be emphasized by players, coaches, and spectators at all times.  

11. Cessation of Play:  Either coach has the discretion to stop a contest after play has begun due to darkness or inclement weather.  The contest will continue on the next available date at the same site, with the same players, same court, same side, same score.  New balls may be used. No substitution of players is allowed.  

12. Reporting:  The winning coach must report the score of the match to the media, and both coaches must submit a rating card to Section XI. 

13. Mandatory crossover matches count towards the minimum 4 Division matches that must be played at doubles to qualify for the Doubles Division Tournament. (approved 10/16) 

Division Individual Tournament 

All rules for league play apply with the following exceptions: 

1. Entries:  Each school shall be entitled to one entry in singles and one entry in doubles in this single elimination tournament.  The rest of the draw may be filled with up to 32 qualified entries, as determined by the coaches at the seeding meeting. 

2. Eligibility:  Participants must have represented their schools in at least six contests during the season in order to be eligible.  (Any exception must have approval of the Section XI Executive Director.) 

3. Boys and Girls Doubles Divisional qualification:
Girls and Boys seasons: Minimum 4 division matches must be played AT DOUBLES to qualify for doubles division tournament. (Approved 10/16). 

4. Commitment:  A player must make a commitment to complete any tournament entered.  Any default will result in exclusion from the division tournament and Section XI Tournament.  Any exception must have the approval of the sport chairman.  

5. Tournament Director Duties:  The tournament director shall be the division chairman or designee.  Duties include the coordination, administration, seeding of the tournament, and designating an appeals panel at each tournament site.  A sportsmanship statement should be read to all participants prior to the first match of the tournament.

6. Seeding:
    a.  The division chairperson shall conduct the seeding meeting.  All coaches are invited to participate and all schools must be represented.  Comparative records will be used to determine the draw.  Comparative record means:  - Head to Head Matches
           - Like Opponents (wins/losses)
           - Like Opponents (based on sets then score)
           - Total record of wins and losses
           - USTA Information           
Second singles players shall not be seeded unless they have had direct confrontation with first singles players during the season.
    b.  A draw of up to 32 players/teams may be established.

7. Play:  Starting times and sites will be announced by the division chairman.  (revised 8/24/05) 

8. Tennis Balls:  Schools are to provide two cans of USTA approved tennis balls per entry.  

9. Forfeiture:  Failure to arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time will result in penalties being assessed before forfeiture is declared.  Any exception will be determined by the appeals panel.  

10. Coaches' Responsibility:  Coaches, or school-designated alternates, must be present during play and responsible for the conduct of their players.  

11. Matches in the individual tournament will be 2 out of 3 sets, no ad scoring, and 12-point tie breaker at 6-all.  A new can of balls can be requested by either player for the 3rd set.  (revised 8/24/05) 

12.  Advancement:  The four semi-finalists will advance.  A playoff between third and fourth places shall be held to assist in seeding the Section XI Tournament. (revised 8/24/05) 

Section XI Individual Tournament 

All rules for league play and division tournament play apply with the following exceptions: 

1.  The draw shall be 32 singles and 16 doubles.  Each division shall send eight singles and four doubles teams. (Approved 3/14/16) 

2.  The sport chairman shall coordinate, administer, and seed the tournament with the assistance of the division chairmen.  

3.  The sport chairman or designee shall serve as tournament director and shall designate an appeals panel at the tournament site. 

4.  The tournament shall be conducted in two days:  First two rounds on the first day, no ad scoring; semis and finals on the second day, regular scoring.  A 12-point tiebreaker shall be used throughout.  New balls may be requested for the third set.  

5.  The top three singles and doubles will represent Section XI at the NYSPHSAA tournament.  A playoff between the semi-final losers will determine the third representative. 

NYSPHSAA Individual Tournaments 

1.  The top three singles and doubles from the Section XI Individual Tournament will represent Section XI at the NYSPHSAA tournament.  

2.  All NYSPHSAA, Section XI, and USTA rules and regulations must be followed.  

3.  All entries must commit to complete the tournament and will not be excused or granted a late start in order to take achievement tests.                                               

Section XI Team Tournament 

Twenty-Four teams may qualify - the top five teams in the upper-ability leagues and the first place team in the lower-ability leagues qualify.  Matches will be played at the site of the higher seed.  

Two-Way Ties
If the first place position is tied in the lower-ability league, there will be a playoff match to determine the team that qualifies for the tournament.  If there is a tie for fifth place in the upper-ability league, the same policy applies.  These matches MUST be played on the NEXT AVAILABLE DATE after the regular season.  (Approved 1/11/12)
Home court for tie-breaking matches will be determined by the outcome of the second match played by the two tied teams during the regular season.

Three-Way Ties
In the event of a 3-way tie, follow these procedures (in the order indicated):
   1.  Check records among the 3 teams involved in head-to-head matches.  If records clearly indicate a first, second and third place among the 3 teams, the first place team will qualify for the tournament
        (if only 1 spot is available); OR the first and second place teams will qualify for the tournament (if 2 spots are available).
   2.   If the head-to-head records DO NOT clearly indicate the first, second and third place teams, the following tie-breaking procedures will be used:
        *If only 1 spot is available, pick one of the three tied teams' names out of a hat; that team will get a bye. The other two teams will play each other with the winner of that match playing the team with the bye.
        *If 2 spots are available, the Section XI Seeding Committee will seed all three teams.  The team with the highest seed will automatically be in the tournament with the remaining two teams playing in an
         "Outbracket" for the 2nd spot.      
Finals will be played at a neutral site.

LI Team Championships

The LI Team championships will be restored in the Fall of 2017. (approved 10/16)
Long Island Championship

When played in Nassau County
: the structure will be 3 singles courts and 4 doubles courts.

When played in Suffolk County:  the structure will be 4 singles courts and 3 doubles courts.

In regards to a team
s lineup:

Singles and Doubles are to be considered separate from each other but MUST be in strength order.
Both teams’ singles lineups are to be in strength order with the two best 1st and 2nd singles players frozen into those positions.
Both teams 3rd/4th singles players can move into any doubles position provided the doubles teams are in strength order.

Both teams
doubles lineups are to be in strength order.

In doubles: The "coman" tiebreak will be used when Nassau hosts, while the "traditional" tiebreak will be used when Suffolk hosts.
Going into each counties respective championship match, all four coaches should be prepared to submit their LI Championship lineup to their respective tennis coordinator in the event they win and will be the representative in the LI Championship.
These lineups are to be exchanged (given to the Coordinator) prior to the championship.
In the event that a player in the lineup is unable to play (singles or doubles), the coach may decide to move their lineup up or forfeit that court, but must maintain strength order (singles or doubles).
The Nassau County Sportsmanship warning system would be used: Both teams/all players addressed and issued their first warning prior to the match.  2nd warning would constitute the loss of a point.  The third infraction would result in the default of the court.
During the address to the players, both coaches will address the spectators on the expected etiquette of tennis.