I.  Proposals Submitted to Standing Committees

    A.  Proposals for consideration to the Tournament or Placement Committee shall be submitted in a timely fashion, not less that two full seasons prior to the season or year in which the proposal would take effect.

    B.  All proposals submitted to standing committees must be in a written format and received by the Section XI office not less than 14 days prior to the Committee's scheduled meeting.

    C.  Proposals submitted to a standing committee may be approved with or without modification and sent on to the conferences for consideration (simple majority vote).

II.  Conferences

Proposals approved by a standing committee will be sent to all conferences for consideration.  Each conference shall take one of the following actions (simple majority vote):

     1.  Vote to approve or disapprove the original proposal, or
     2.  Vote to approve or disapprove the proposal with an amendment, or
     3.  Vote to table the original or amended proposal (if time permits).

III.  Athletic Council

     A.  The Athletic Council may take the following action on proposals sent for action from the conferences:

         1.  Vote to approve or disapprove the original proposal, or
         2.  Vote to approve or disapprove a proposed amendment, and/or
         3.  Vote to table the original proposal or an amended proposal.

     B.  If an amendment to the original proposal is approved (accepted) by the Council, the amended proposal must be sent back to committee for further consideration and approval.  The committee will notify the individuals involved (i.e., sport chairman) of the changes in the amended proposal.

IV.  Reconsideration

     A.  Authors of an original proposal have 30 calendar days from the date of the notification to respond to and endorse the proposed changes/amendments approved by the Athletic Council or submit a new proposal to be considered by the committee.

     B.  In cases where the Athletic Council sends proposals back to committee, the Executive Director reserves the right to convene special hearings/meetings of all voting bodies involved in the process so as to comply with Section XI time lines.

Note on amendments:  Amendments that change the essence of the original proposal shall not be considered.                                   Approved 10/12/00