The implementation of the following procedures is the responsibility of the site chairperson:

1.  Review site emergency plan and incorporate relevant sections into an emergency preparedness and crowd control plan.  In the absence of a pre-existing plan, a plan must be developed.

2.  Become familiar through consultation with local police and fire departments, and school personnel (if school site is used) of the protocol to be followed in the event of activated fire alarms, bomb threats and other disturbances.

3.  Assure championship site is secure prior to the scheduled opening time and arrival of teams and spectators.

4. Work with police or appropriate personnel to provide efficient and safe auto and pedestrian routes to and from the game site.  Prepare or obtain maps/charts illustrating evacuation routes.

5.  Arrange for supervision until all spectators and student-athletes have left the game site.  Prepare a supervision chart and inform the assigned personnel of their duties before, during and after the game.  Supervisory personnel on duty should have some type of distinctive markings that can be recognized by spectators and participants, e.g., distinctive colored jackets, arm bands or badges.

6.  When not otherwise provided, arrange for adequate police supervision before, during and after the contest.

7.  Inform participating schools:
      a.  if metal detectors and/or searches will be utilized.
     b.  supervision responsibilities (ratio of chaperones to students), parking facilities, seating arrangements for spectators, cheerleading guidelines and location of squad area, and directions to site.
     c.  post-game activities and protocol, e.g., sportsmanship handshake and award presentations, sportsmanship code of conduct
     d.  noise maker policy, if any.

8.  Meet with the athletic director or representative of each competing school/section upon their arrival to discuss final details including:
     a.  location of each school's supervisory personnel.
     b.  location and directions to dressing/locker rooms.
     c.  security procedures to protect players' clothing and valuables.

9.  Provide parking for officials and emergency medical personnel.

10.  Secure a competent announcer who will be familiar and have possession of scripted materials to broadcast in case of emergency.

Approved 10/20/2004


Directions:  Please instruct your site chairperson(s) to verify each of the following measures will be in place at the time of your sport's Section XI tournament.

Have this list checked and signed prior to the Section XI tournament.  Forward a copy to:
Executive Director
180 East Main Street, Suite 302
Smithtown, NY 11787
or fax to:  631-366-4334

___   A site emergency plan is in place for the Section XI tournament.
___   The local authorities (fire department, police, school personnel) have been contacted on reacting to an emergency.
___   Plans have been made to have the tournament site secured prior to team/spectator arrival.
___   Evacuation routes for cars and pedestrians are planned.
___   Proper supervision (police and non-police) including duties outlined and times to remain on site has been arranged.
___   Participating schools have been notified of all emergency and crowd control measures that will be in place before, during and after the tournament.
___   Parking for contest officials and emergency medical personnel has been provided.
___   Our announcer will be familiar and possess a copy of what to broadcast in case of emergency.

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