Game Conditions

1.  A minimum of two nights rest between games.
2.  The maximum number of contests shall be 10.
3.  Eight practices are required before the first scrimmage. (Updated 11/11/08)
4.  Ten practices are required before the first interschool contest.  (Updated 11/11/08)

Game Rules

1.  BOYS:   NCAA scoring will be used. The net height shall be 7' 4-1/4" 

     GIRLS:  NCAA scoring will be used.  The net height shall be 7'.

2.  All games shall be 25 points.

3.  No time limit on games.

4.  The server shall be permitted two tosses only once per term of service.

5.  Teams do not have to adhere to the uniform rule specifying color and size of numbers.

6.  A let serve will be allowed.

7.  GIRLS ONLY: The serving line shall be one meter into the court. (revised 5/22/03)

8.  BOYS ONLY: Center Line
 ~ To touch the opponent's court with a foot (feet) or hand(s) is permitted, provided that some part of the penetrating foot (feet) or hand(s) remains either in contact with or directly above the center line.
 ~ To Contact the opponent's court with any other part of the body is forbidden.  (updated 8/4/16)

9.  The libero player may be used. (Approved 10/08 - NYSPHSAA)

10.  The only limitation on substitution is that an A squad player must be substituted for another A squad player and the same for B squad players.

Section XI Rules

A regulation match will consist of three games. 

B Level Program - Five Period Format
The five period format is MANDATED for all B level teams in volleyball.

Following are the conditions of this program.

1.  Only B level teams may participate.

2.  Teams shall be divided into two squads of equal members and equal ability.

3.  Coaches must exchange rosters prior to every contest.

4.  One squad will play the first and third games and the other squad the second and fourth. All players are eligible for the fifth game.

5.  All points scored count. 

6.  Teams having the minimum numbers of 14 players are obligated to play five games (unless on austerity). No player may play in more than three games.  (Modified Committee 3/3/05)

7.  When austerity or insufficient number of players (less than 12) dictate that five games cannot be played at the B level, teams will only play three games. These three games must be played in the five period format.  Extra games may NOT be played. (Modified Committee 3/3/05)


9.  Extra compensation forms presented by the officials must be signed by the home coach.

10.  Each coach is requested to make a notation on the rating card verifying the extra compensation for the officials.

11.  If teams have fewer than the minimum number of athletes (14) but still can field two full teams, those teams may opt to play five periods.  (Modified Committee 3/3/05)


Rev 6/11