Game Conditions

1.   A minimum of two nights rest between contests.
2.   The maximum number of contests shall be eight.
3.   six practices are required before the first interschool contest.

Game Rules

1.   The National Federation Rules of Swimming and Diving shall be followed, except as indicated below.

2.   A swimmer is permitted one false start before disqualification.

3.   Swimmers may compete in a maximum of three events (one relay and two individual, or two relay and one individual).

4.   The events and their order shall be:

200 yd medley relay
200 yd freestyle
100 yd individual medley
50 yd freestyle
one required dive from 101, 201 or 401; 
three optional dives - two of the three must be from different groups.
50 yd butterfly (optional - 100 yd butterfly)
100 yd freestyle
50 yd backstroke (optional - 100 yd backstroke)
50 yd breaststroke (optional - 100 yd breaststroke)
200 yd freestyle relay

5.   Pools

        a.   Pools with five or less lanes - two entries per team.
        b.   Pools with six or more lanes - three entries per team.
        c.   Each team shall be permitted the same number of entries in relays as individual events.

6.   With prior mutual agreement of teams, races may be conducted by seeded heats with the winners based on time alone.  No final events may be conducted.