1.   National Federation rules.

2.   Visiting teams will use the field for 15 minutes prior to game start time.

3.   On all levels, typed copies of ground rules are to be given to the plate umpire and the visiting coach.  

4.   All coaches on all levels are required to present lineup cards to the plate umpire and opposing coach.

5.   Games are to be seven innings.

6.   If any game is suspended for any reason prior to it being an official game, that game must resume from the point of interruption according to the following:  Should the suspended game be the first game of a two-game series or the first or second game of a three-game series, play will resume on the date of the next scheduled game of the series, prior to the scheduled game, even if the game is on the opposite site form the original game unless both schools agree to play on the next available date which is prior to the next scheduled game.  Should the suspended game be the final game of a series, play will resume at the same site on the next available date.  (Approved 1/11/12)

7.   In the implementation of the next available date policy in baseball, league games will take precedence over non-league games after the second week of the league schedule.

8.  All coaches shall be required to wear protective helmets while standing along the 1st and 3rd base lines during games. (Approved 10/8/09)


League Alignment (Approved 10/15/14)

There shall be a rotation in the number of teams within leagues if team numbers in the AA/A classifications remain the same in consecutive years.

  League 1 League 2 League 3 League 4 League 5 League 6 League 7
2014-15 6 teams 6 teams 6 teams 7 teams 7 teams 6 teams 7 teams
2015-16 6 teams 7 teams 7 teams 6 teams 6 teams 7 teams 6 teams

                                        Section XI Tournament

Effective July 1, 2014, Section XI has adopted SPALDING as the official ball used in all Section XI playoff contests.  Schools are mandated to use a SPALDING product exclusively during ALL ROUNDS of the Section XI playoffs. 

The Section XI Sport Chair will decide when schools will receive the SPALDING TF-Pro (41-000HS) ball.  Schools may use this ball or any other SPALDING product.

All teams with better than .500 league records shall qualify for the Section XI Tournament.  (Approved 10/13/10)

Tournament Rules
1.   a.   Double elimination tournament (outbracket will be single elimination).  (Approved 10/13/10)

      b.  A classification tournament will exist.

2.   The highest seeded team in all rounds will be home team except in the finals.

3.   The team progressing the farthest in each classification will be the Section XI  qualifier for the NYSPHSAA tournament in that class.

4.   Schools will furnish three balls per game.

5.   Schools will pay officials through the third round of the tournament.

6.   A contest shall be moved to the visiting school if the home school does not have a site available to play. (App 3/13)

7.   Any interrupted game will be continued from the point the game was stopped.

Protest Committee:  The site chairman will appoint a protest committee of three people for each game.  A protest in any game must be lodged immediately, as prescribed in the Section XI rules. Play will not continue until the problem is resolved.

Rev 10/14