1.  Play will be governed by the National Federation Rules.

1.  Play will be governed by NCAA Rules with modification in time.

                                        Section XI Tournament

Effective July 1, 2014, Section XI has adopted SPALDING as the official ball used in all Section XI playoff contests.  Schools are mandated to use a SPALDING product exclusively during ALL ROUNDS of the Section XI playoffs. 

BOYS:  The Section XI Sport Chair will decide when schools will receive the SPALDING TF1000 Classic (74-7838) ball.  Schools may use this ball or any other SPALDING product.

GIRLS:  The Section XI Sport Chair will decide when schools will receive the SPALDING TF1000 Classic (74-7848) ball.  Schools may use this ball or any other SPALDING product.

1.   Except for games which are played at neutral sites as designated by the sport chairman, higher seeded teams will host contests. 

2.   Higher seeded teams will wear white or light-colored jerseys.

3.   Host athletic directors (or their designees) will be site directors.

4.   Site directors will designate the location of each team's bench, where spectators from each school will sit, and which locker rooms will be utilized.

5.   Each team's basket for pre-game warm-ups and for the first half of play shall be the basket farthest from its bench.

6.   Each competing school will be allowed a maximum of 17 students to be admitted without tickets or charge.  This includes players, managers, statisticians, etc.  A maximum of three coaches will be admitted without charge when identified by the varsity coach or the school representative; therefore, the official team party will be a maximum of 20 people.

7.   Arrival of teams - Teams are instructed to report to the site director upon arrival and must not arrive any earlier than one hour prior to the scheduled starting time for the contest. Only 17 students and three coaches will be admitted to the gymnasium at that time.  All others will have to wait until spectators are admitted (30 minutes before game time).  When schools are playing the second game of a double-header, the 20 people will be admitted upon arrival, providing they do not arrive more than 30 minutes prior to the start of the first game.

8.   Only players in uniforms, a maximum of three coaches, and designated managers/statisticians will be permitted to sit at court-side on the team bench.  Only 15 chairs will be provided, and these are to be utilized by bona-fide members of the team (coaches, players, managers). 

9.   Cheerleading squads are to report to the site director upon arrival.  Only cheerleaders in uniform will be admitted free of charge when accompanied by a school advisor; advisors are expected to sit in the area used by the cheerleaders and actively supervise them throughout the game.  A maximum of 12 cheerleaders will be admitted and/or permitted to cheer on the floor.  Schools are requested to limit the cheering to one cheer for each team during any time-out, and cheerleading teams are to alternate their cheers. Cheering is not to be performed during foul shots. Pyramids will not be permitted. There are no seats reserved for cheerleading teams at tournament sites.

10.  Official Scorer - Each team is responsible for providing an official scorer, preferably an adult. If it becomes necessary to designate a scorer as the official scorer in the absence of a scorer appointed by the sport chairman or the site chairman, the scorer of the higher seeded team will be designated.  The site chairman and the officials maintain the right to appoint a scorekeeper when necessary.

11.  Timers are the responsibility of the host school when games are played at the site of the higher seeded team.

12.  Protest Committee - The site chairman will appoint a protest committee for each game. A protest must be lodged immediately as prescribed in the Section XI rules. Play will not continue until the problem is resolved.

Qualifying:  Any team which completes its league season with a record of .500 will be eligible for the Section XI tournament.

Class Qualifiers: The team advancing the farthest in each classification will represent Section XI in NYSPHSAA competition.

Issued September 2000
Rev 3/24