National Federation rules

Game Conditions

1.  Ten practices are required before the first scrimmage/contest.

2.  The maximum number of games shall be 10.

3.  Doubleheaders: The following restrictions apply to the use of doubleheaders:

     a.  The maximum number of doubleheaders allowed is two.

     b.  A team may not play three games in two consecutive days. No more than three games a week may be played.

     c.  Pitching limitations remain the same.

     d.  Each game of the doubleheader is to be six innings. No team may play more than fourteen innings in one day. This allows a maximum total of two extra innings in the event of tie games. 

4.  Equipment:

     a.  Catchers shall wear the full protective equipment of helmet, mask with throat protector, chest protector, shin guards, and cup.

     b.  Batters and base runners shall wear protective headgear. 

     c.  Any player warming up a pitcher, on or off the diamond, shall wear a mask. 

     d.  Only sneakers or shoes with molded soles and molded cleats are permitted in the modified program. Shoes with metal posts or spikes are not permitted in any modified sport. 

     e.  All bats must have a 2-5/8" bat barrel diameter and a minus three differential between the length and weight of the bat. 

Game Rules

1.  Regulation game shall be seven innings. 

2.  A pitcher may pitch no more than 12 full innings in any one calendar week and no more than seven innings in any one game. After pitching four or more full innings in any one game, there must be at least two nights rest before pitching again. When removed, he may play any other position. 

3.  Designated hitters will not be allowed.

4.  An extra player, referred to as an EP, is mandated and must be listed on the scoring sheet in the regular batting order. The EP must be used for the entire game. Failure to complete the game with the EP results in the forfeiture of the game (except in case of injury or ejection from game with no eligible players left to enter, the rules permit play with eight players).  All 10 players bat, but only nine can play defense each inning. The person designated as the EP (not a defensive player at the start of the game) may at a later time play a defensive position; the defensive player is now only a batter for that inning and not a fielder. There will always be one player in the lineup not on the field defensively. The EP may be substituted for at any time, either by a pinch-runner or pinch-hitter who then becomes the EP. The substitute must be a player who has not yet been in the game.  A starter may re-enter the game into his same batting order position.

Section XI Rules

1.  No new inning may begin beyond two hours from the actual starting time of the contest. Examples:

     a.  Game started at 4:10 PM, fifth inning ends at 6:15 PM. There will not be a sixth inning.

     b.  Game started at 4:10 PM, fifth inning ends at 6:05 PM. There will be a sixth inning.  (3/27/01)

2.  All coaches shall be required to wear protective helmets while standing along the 1st and 3rd base lines during games. (approved 10/8/09)



A contest will end after a team at the short end of the 15-run rule has completed their fifth at bat.

Rev. 4/24