Game Conditions

1.  A minimum of one nights rest between contests.  Any pitcher pitching more than four innings in one game must have at least two nights rest before pitching again.  When removed from pitching, the pitcher may play any other position.

2.   The maximum number of contests shall be 10.

3.   Six practices are required before the first scrimmage.

4.   Six practices are required before the first interschool contest.

5.   Doubleheaders:  The following restrictions apply to the use of doubleheaders:

      a.   The maximum number of doubleheaders allowed is two.

      b.   A team may not play three games in two consecutive days.  No more than three games a week may be played.

      c.   Pitching limitations remain the same.

      d.   Each game of the double header is to be six innings.  No team may play more than 14 innings in one day.  This allows a total maximum of two extra innings in the event of a tie game.  

Game Rules

1.   ASA Rules, seven innings

2.   The pitching distance in Section XI shall be 40 feet.

3.   A player may re-enter the game once.

4.   Equipment:

      a.   Catchers shall wear the full protective equipment:  helmet, mask, chest protectors, shin guards, throat protectors

      b.   Batters and base runners shall wear protective headgear with face masks beginning in spring 2006. (approved Jan 2005)

      c.   Any player warming up a pitcher, on or off the field, shall wear protective equipment.

      d.   Only sneakers or shoes with molded soles and molded cleats are permitted in the modified program.  Shoes with metal posts or spikes are not permitted in any modified sport.

      e.   Face masks are mandated on softball batting helmets at all levels beginning in spring 2006.  (approved Jan 2005)

5.   The use of a double base at first base is required beginning in spring 2004.

Section XI Rules

1.   No new inning may begin beyond two hours from the actual starting time of the contest.  Examples:

      a.   Game started at 4:10 PM, fifth inning ends at 6:15 PM, there will not be a sixth inning.

      b.   Game started at 4:10 PM, fifth inning ends at 6:05 PM, there will be a sixth inning.

2.   Each team must use ten players.

      a.   The tenth player will play the outfield.

      b.   All ten players will bat

      c.   A game may start with nine players if there are only nine.  No outs will be called on the tenth spot in the lineup.  If another player arrives, she must go into the tenth spot.

3.   In any half inning, there will be a maximum of three walks.  After the third walk to a batter in that inning, only strikes will be called by the umpire.  Pitches not swung at or out of the strike zone will be ignored.  The count at this point will only  accumulate strikes.  (Batters hit by a pitch will be given first base and will not be counted as a walk.)

4.   In any half inning, there will be maximum of three bases advanced by steals and/or passed balls (not three each).  Any runner advancing by means of a steal or passed ball after the maximum of three bases has been achieved, will be returned to their original base. 

      a.   Advances means steals by the  baserunner on a pitch from the mound and not by throws from a fielder.

      b.   A pitch that enters dead territory will not count as an advance and the runners will move up one base.

      c.  Pick-off attempts by the catcher:

           (1)   Runners will be considered out if the throw gets to the base before the runner returns (a force out situation).

           (2)   After the throw, the runners can only advance by retouching the original base first (only after three steals or passed ball advances have accumulated.)

5.  A dropped third strike does not count as an advance.

6.  After three advances in a half inning, the ball will be dead on any base on balls.

7.  If one, two or three runners advance (steal/passed ball) at the same time, it will count as one, two or three advances.  Exception: If after two advances have been taken and then multiple runners advance at the same time, only count them as one advance.

8.  All coaches shall be required to wear protective helmets while standing along the 1st and 3rd base lines during games. (approved 10/8/09)

9.  A maximum of ten players may bat in one inning per team.  If three outs are recorded prior to the tenth batter appearing, the following inning will begin with the next batter scheduled to bat (Example:  Batter 5 makes the third out; Batter 6 leads off the next inning, and the inning will end with Batter 5 if three outs have not been recorded.)  If the third out is made as a result of any play not involving a batted ball or strikeout, then that batter will lead off the next inning (ASA book rule).  (Rev 2/10)


A contest will end after a team at the short end of the 15-run rule has completed their fifth at bat.


Rev. 6/11