I.  Allegiance

    Membership in Section XI constitutes a commitment to participate in Section programs at all levels in all sports.
    Schools requesting relief from the above must petition the Section XI Executive Board by means of a written request from the superintendent of schools.  Such requests must be received by the Executive Director no later than January 15th of the school year preceding the school year in which relief is sought.
    The Executive Board will meet prior to the end of January to consider such requests.  Notification of its decision will be forwarded to the school within five calendar days.  A response to this notification must be received by the Executive Director within 14 calendar days of the school's receipt of such notification.  Such response shall outline the school's course of action relative to participation.

II.  Central Committee of the  NYSPHSAA
A. Representatives

The Section XI representatives to the NYSPHSAA Central Committee are one chief school officer, one high school principal, one female member of the Suffolk county Athletic Directors Association and one male member of           the Suffolk County Athletic Directors Association, all from member schools of Section XI. (3/21)

B. Duties
Central Committee members are to represent Section XI at all appropriate NYSPHSAA meetings and are to reflect the attitude and concerns of Section XI on matters that affect Section XI at the local and state level.

III.  Exceptional Senior Contests
Section XI will not grant approval for exceptional senior contests.  (May 1994)

IV.  Medical Waivers
Medical Waivers for NYSPHSAA Regulation:

Waivers of the minimum number of required participations may be granted for medical reasons only. To request such a waiver, the athletic director must submit:
   a.  written request for such to the Executive Director,
   b.  medical documentation of the illness/injury indicating specific dates, and
   c.  a record of the athlete's participation.

The athletic director will be notified of approval/disapproval.

V.  Most Valuable Player Certificates
Each year Section XI will provide schools with one MVP Certificate for each varsity team.

VI.  Out of Season Practice Policy

On May 24, 2000, the Section XI Athletic Council  eliminated the Section XI  Out of Season Practice Policy (sometimes referred to as the 49% rule) entirely!

Understand, however, that this action does not necessarily make practicing out of season OK.  Schools are still bound by the NYSPHSAA regulations.  They are:

a.  An organized practice in grades 7-12 is a session for the purpose of providing instruction and practice in physical conditioning activities, skills, team play, and game strategy designed expressly for that sport under the supervision of a qualified coach appointed by the Board of Education of the local school district.  Such instruction and practice shall be held only during the season designated for that sport.
c.  School sponsored activities conducted out of the sport season such as general conditioning, weight training, weight lifting, intramurals, recreation, open gyms, club activities and camps are permitted: 1.  If such programs are not mandated by coaches or school personnel;  2.  If such programs are available to all students.
d.  Non-school sponsored activities are permitted if such programs are not mandated by coaches or school personnel.  It is recommended that no school equipment be used for these programs as per State Comptroller Opinion 85-37. 

Rev 5/11

VII.  Recruiting of Athletes
To maintain the educational standards and dignity of our academic and athletic programs, all member schools of Section XI must refrain from practices such as recruitments, enticements, inducements, or other pressures which encourage students for athletic purposes to leave or not to enter their schools of normal enrollment or schools in which they are enrolled.

Schools alleged to be in violation will be referred to the Ethics Committee.

Upon request, member schools that receive tuition must make available to Section XI all records of financial aid to athletes.

VIII.  Timers

When a timer is required, an adult shall assume the responsibility for each varsity level contest.

IX.  Tobacco and Vaping Products
    Whereas the use of tobacco and vaping products is recognized as a health detriment; and
    Whereas the Officials Coordinating Federation has recommended that coaches and officials refrain from using tobacco and vaping products during contests; and
    Whereas the NYSPHSAA Executive Committee has supported the OCF recommendation by adding the the NYSPHSAA Coaches Code of Conduct Position Statement,
    Be it resolved that the use of tobacco and vaping products is prohibited at all practices and contests in Section XI.
rev 10/20

X. Energy Drinks
    The consumption of energy drinks during an athletic contest by student athletes is prohibited.  It is also recommended that athletes do not consume these drinks prior to an athletic contest for the purposes
     of enhancement.
       (added 10/20)

XI. Jewelry Rule
     No jewelry, which includes visible body piercing objects, shall be worn in a sport. Any piece of jewelry that is visible at the start of or during a contest or practice (May 2019) is in violation of the
     NYSPHSAA Jewelry Rule.
     Wristwatches are permitted in cross country and in practice only for track and field. Religious medals must be taped to the body and under the uniform.
     Medical medals must be taped to the body so they are visible.
     Hair adornments, including beads, may be worn provided they are secured and do not present a safety hazard to the player, teammates, or opponent(s). (May 2022)
     Soft, pliable barrettes are permissible, body gems are not. The use of metal hair fasteners to secure hair is permissible in Girls Gymnastics.
     NOTE: The sports of Bowling and Golf are exempt from this rule.