League and Non-League Play

1.  All play shall be governed by USGA Stroke Play Rules unless herein otherwise amended.

2.  There is no minimum number of practices required before a scrimmage or official contest.

3.  Proposals for league placement will be determined geographically according to the location of a school's home golf course. For the purpose of league balancing, the location of a team's high school will be a secondary consideration.

4.  Each coach must file an official roster with the league chairman and each school in the league.

5.  Coaches are obligated to play the best player in the #1 position, second best in #2 position, etc. Matches may be played with a minimum of five players. When this occurs, the #6 match is conceded.

6.  The home team coach will submit a line-up for the day to the visiting coach. The visiting coach will then add his/her line-up. A form provided by the sport chairman will be used for this purpose.

7.  The starting time for matches is recommended to be no later than  3:30PM whenever possible. No match fewer than nine holes will be considered official.

8.  No person shall be permitted to accompany or follow any match or player during the play of a league match. Spectators are permitted in post-season tournaments.

9.  The home team will inform the visiting team of any local rules that are in effect at the time of the match. It is strongly recommended that a sheet of rules be provided to include any provisions for a dress code.

10.  All league matches shall be played under winter rules.

      a.   A ball lying on the fairway of the hole being played may be lifted and cleaned, without penalty, and may be replaced within six inches of where it originally lay, not nearer the hole, and so as to preserve as nearly as possible the stance required to play from the original lie.

      b.  A ball in a sand trap may be lifted, the sand smoothed with the foot, and the ball placed where it originally was.

11.  In order to expedite play, in league and non-league play only, a par plus rule will be in effect. When a player has played the number of strokes equal to the par on a hole, the player may, with a one stroke penalty, place the ball in the fairway in front of the green no closer than two putter lengths from the putting surface.   A player may also invoke the par plus rule if the player's par stroke or any other stroke prior to par has led to a penalty, e.g., If the player is playing a par 4 hole and her 4th shot goes into the water, the player may invoke the par plus rule in which the player would be lying 5 (hitting her 6th shot from the decided par plus area), or on a par 4 hole, if the player has a two stroke penalty on either her 3rd or 4th stroke, the player may invoke par plus with the same score as in the above example.  Please note the par plus rule is to expedite play and assist new players to the game.

12.  Scoring of League Matches

The total score for each team match shall be nine points. Each player will play her opponent on a stroke play basis. One point is awarded for each of the six individual matches - 1/2 point for halved matches. Three points will be awarded to the team with the lowest aggregate score using their five lowest scores. If the aggregate score is tied, 1-1/2 points will be awarded to each team.

If a tie in the team match results after using the procedure outlined above, the following must be used to break the tie:

a.   The score not used to determine the team aggregate must be compared. A team without a sixth score loses.

b.   If a tie still exists, all tied individual matches must be played to completion.

c.   If a tie exists after using procedures a and b, each coach shall designate a player to go out and break the tie by sudden victory.

d.   The team score in a tie breaker should read:
            4-1/2* - 4-1/2
        *Won in playoff

13.  In league and non-league matches only, players from the same team in the same foursome may give and receive advice from one another.

14.  In league and non-league matches only, coaches will be permitted to coach their players. However no coaching will be allowed during the play of post-season tournaments.

15.  Scores in a match are considered to be posted after the official Section XI golf match report has been signed by both coaches.

16.  If a tie cannot be broken because of darkness, bad weather, or other extenuating circumstances on the day of play, the entire match shall be replayed on another day.

17.  It shall be the responsibility of the winning coach to call the newspaper with the results of that day's match and to send to the league chairman the results of the match.

18.  It is the decision of the home team coach whether or not to postpone a match due to inclement weather. League contests postponed because of weather or other reasons must be played on the next available date upon which a league match is not scheduled. League contests take preference over non-league contests. If a coach postpones a match, he/she must contact an official from the opposing school at least two hours before the scheduled start of the contest.

19.  Protests

      a.  The opposing coach must be notified as soon as the violation is suspected.

      b.  If the coaches cannot reach an agreement, the sport chairman should be contacted.

      c.  The intent to protest a match must be indicated by the protesting coach before either team leaves the site.

20.  After every league and non-league match, each coach must fill out the Section XI sportsmanship rating card.

21.  The use of distance measuring devices in Girls' Golf Section XI play as stated by the USGA rules shall be allowed.

                                         Section XI Individual Championship

1.   The tournament shall be 36 holes by stroke play rules (rev 10/10/07).

2. The Individual golfers participating in the county tournament will be golfers who earned All-League. With 7 team leagues, all leagues will get 13 All-League selections This will include any All League golfers who are on teams that
    also qualified for team tournament.  Additional golfers who play on boys teams and have an average in line with the top
72 will qualify.

3.   Coaches shall serve as marker-observers in every foursome. In addition to the coach, another adult marker-observer is needed.  A player may not take more than 10 strokes on a hole.

4.   All players will carry their own bag or use a pull cart.

5.   There will be no coaching of players either by coaches or other spectators during post season play.

6.   Players must observe the Section XI Code of Conduct. The committee will strictly enforce this code. Violations will result in disqualification.

7.  The sport chairman will appoint a committee from among the coaches to render decisions on any questions that may arise during play.

                                            Section XI Team Championship

Division Tournament Qualifications:

The first and second place teams in each league will qualify for the team tournament.  In the event of a tie for second both teams will play in the team tournament (six golfers)
teams can bring 6 and score 5 golfers for the team tournament

The Individual golfers participating in the county tournament will be golfers who earned All-League. With 7 team leagues, all leagues will get 13 All-League selections This will include any All League golfers who are on teams that also qualified for team tournament.  Additional golfers who play on boys teams and have an average in line with the top 72 will qualify. (
rev 2024)
The Section XI team champion will be the team with the lowest aggregate using the five lowest scores of both days (rev 10/10/07)
The top four school teams and ties qualify for the second day of the team championship.  Please note that the team players score only counts towards the team score unless she is one of the top 30 golfers from the first day of the competition. (rev 10/10/07).

Regional (L.I. Championship):

     Section VIII  vs Section XI Team Championship

NYSPHSAA Championship:

    The 9 lowest scoring individuals from the Section XI Individual Tournament shall qualify to play in the NYSPHSAA Championship.  Ties for the top 9 places will be decided in a playoff.


Rev. 3/24