1.  The National Federation Field Hockey Rules shall be followed

2.   Maximum Number of Games: 16

3.  Practice Requirements: 6 practices before first Scrimmage or Game

4.  Night rest between contests: 1 night

5.   Scrimmage limitations per day: 1 Scrimmage

6.  Overtime during the regular season:

VARSITY: should the regulation game end in a tie, one seven-vs-seven, ten-minute sudden victory overtime period shall be played.
  -If still tied, alternate shoot out (set of 5)
  -If still tied, additional series of shoot-outs are taken by the same players

     JV contests, should the game end in a tie, one seven-vs-seven, ten-minute sudden victory overtime period shall be played.

7.   Goalkeepers shall wear a uniform top of a color contrasting to the color of the uniform tops of both teams, field players, with a visible number on front and back

8.  Length of Periods
High school field hockey games will be played in four quarters instead of two halves (beginning with the 2020 season)

4 quarters of 15 minutes
half time will be no longer than 10 minutes

 Each team shall be permitted one 90-second time-out per regulation game and
 one 90-second timeout during the ten minute overtime period
(may not be taken immediately following the intervals between quarters)
    Team requesting the TO must have possession of the ball or after a goal is scored
Center Pass
  Team that begins Q1 with center pass gets it for Q 2
  The other team gets the center pass for Q 3 & Q 4
  Teams continue same direction for Q 1 & Q 2 & Switch at half time
  2 minutes between Q1/2 & Q3/4

9.   Interrupted Games
Games interrupted or suspended because of circumstances beyond the control of the responsible administrator (i.e., weather, darkness, natural disaster, etc.) shall be resumed at the point of interruption if play is stopped prior to the completion of the first two quarters.  If play is stopped after completion of the first half, the game is considered a completed game.

 Unless other state association rules apply, any tournament game interrupted due to events beyond the control of the responsible administrative authority shall be completed as follows:
  If interrupted during the first half, the game shall be resumed at the point of interruption;
If it is determined at halftime, or if interrupted after the start of the second half, the game could be resumed at the point of interruption, or by mutual agreement be considered a completed game.

10.  Field Hockey Scrimmage Rules
  A field hockey scrimmage must start with a sideline or sixteen (16) yard hit and;
   Scrimmages must also include one or more of the following:
         A running clock and/or modified periods
         Incorporate all or part of the Overtime Procedure into the scrimmage
         Each team will take five (5) offensive corners, playing until either a goal is scored;
         ball goes out of bounds or crosses the 25-yard line

   Overtime Procedures - We will use the NYSPHSAA Overtime procedures.  This will be
    provided to the coaches whose team advances to the Section XI tournament.

12.  Protests
Protests must be made immediately (if necessary a substitute is to be sent to notify the official that the coach is protesting the game).  If the game ends before the protest can be lodged, the protest must be made before the teams leave the field.

13.    Playoff Qualifying Teams:
Division I - Fifty percent of Division I will qualify for playoffs (power ranked)
Division II - Teams with a .500 or better record will qualify 

14.    NYSPHSAA Championship
The team advancing the farthest in each classification will represent Section XI in NYSPHSAA competition.

15.     Field Hockey Championship Week #: Week #19


Rev: 5/9/23