1.  Modified Heat Alert - When the heat index reaches 88 (equivalent to T.H.I. of 73), practice sessions or contests in all sports must include:
     a.  Forced, frequent water breaks (every 10-15 minutes).
     b.  Loose clothing, light colored shorts and tee shirts (mesh recommended) for practice sessions.
     c.  Frequent rest breaks in shaded areas.
     d.  For football and lacrosse, mandatory water breaks every 15 minutes during which all players must remove helmets.  Those players not participating in contact activities during practice, games or scrimmages shall not wear helmets.

NOTE:  During all contests, the rules are to be modified to permit additional time outs for rest and forced water breaks.

2.  Full Heat Alert - When the heat index reaches 95 (equivalent to T.H.I. of 78),  no physical activity in any sport is permitted.  Team meetings are permitted.

3.  Notification of Schools - The Section XI Safety Chairman, will monitor the heat index and will initiate a heat alert by notifying the Section XI Office as to the course of action.  The Section XI staff will communicate this information to each member district through the Connect-Ed system, with specific instructions for heat alert implementation. (Rev 5/10)

4.  No sport is exempt from modified or full heat alerts.  (1/16/02)



Fall season pre-school practice sessions may only be conducted prior to 10:00 AM and/or after 5:00 PM.  This applies to all sports except golf and swimming.  This restriction is discontinued for the fall season on the Saturday prior to each Labor Day.  (Approved 5/22/03)