Dear Parent:

Congratulations! (Name of student) _______________________ has qualified to represent Section XI at NYSPHSAA championship competition in (sport) _____________________________.

You are to be commended for the time, energy and encouragement which you have given to your youngster over the years.

Attached (or enclosed) is information concerning the time and place of competition, the mode of travel, and lodging information. Information concerning how your child may be contacted in an emergency is also provided.  If an unusual circumstance arises and your child is unable to compete, please notify your high school coach or athletic director at once and request that your message be conveyed to me immediately.

The conduct of students while competing, traveling, and living with other Section team members is a matter of concern.  The use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs will result in disciplinary action which includes automatic suspension from athletic competition.  Delinquent conduct or the destruction of property will also result in disciplinary action and a recovery of costs.  Disciplinary action taken by Section XI will be in addition to appropriate action taken by your school district.

It is expected that your child will travel to and from the site of the athletic competition by the means provided by Section XI, otherwise he/she will NOT be allowed to compete. The only exception to this requirement will occur when you provide written notice to me that you will be in attendance at the competition and wish to have your child  return home with you.

Please read and complete this entire form and return it to me (individual sports) or your child's coach (team sports) prior to departure for the competition.

Sincerely yours,

________________________________________ Sports Chairman


a.  There will be no use of any form of alcoholic beverages.
b.  There will be no smoking permitted.
c.  There will be no use of drugs in any form unless prescribed by a physician.
d.  All curfews and bed checks will be adhered to as set up by the supervisor or coach in charge.
e.  Athletes must use the transportation provided by Section XI.
   1. Clarification:  On trips off Long Island, if the athlete does not travel to the competition using transportation provided by Section XI, he/she will not be allowed to compete.
   2. The only exception to this rule is that an athlete may  return with his/her own parent(s) if the request is made in writing by the parent (s) to the chairman prior to the athlete's departure from Suffolk County and provided the athlete is released at the competition site to his/her  own parent(s).


1. If a violation occurs prior to or during the competition, the athlete will not be allowed to compete or continue to compete.  The Section will make a recommendation for disciplinary action.
2. If a violation occurs after the competition, the Section will make a recommendation for disciplinary action.
3. If the situation becomes intolerable, the parents and school will be notified   immediately and arrangements made to transport the athlete home.

Dear Sports Chairman:

(Name of student) ___________________________ has my permission to attend the   NYSPHSAA championship competition in (sport) _____________________ from (date) _______________ to ______________.

I have read and understand the regulations which apply and will abide by the standards set forth in this document and in the NYSPHSAA Code of Conduct.

Name of Student __________________________________________

Name of Parent ___________________________________________

School __________________________________________________

Home Address ____________________________________________


Phone (day) ______________________________________________

         (night) _____________________________________________

Two persons to contact in case of emergency other than parent or guardian:

Name __________________________________ Phone ________________________________

Name __________________________________ Phone ________________________________

Signature of student _______________________________________

Signature of parent ________________________________________

This form must be returned to the sport chairman (for individual sports) or your school coach (for team sports) before departure to the competition.
Without this form appropriately completed, an athlete will not be allowed to travel nor participate in regional, intersectional, or state championship competition.