Section XI


In all sports where teams are seeded, playoff contests will be held at the site of the higher-seeded team up to and including the quarter-final rounds.  The semi-finals and finals will be held at sites established by the sport chairman within two weeks of the beginning of the season or at neutral sites if the chairman determines this is necessary.  The quarter-final round may be moved to a neutral site at the discretion of the chairman but only in accordance with rules stated above for semi-finals and finals.

During early rounds, the two competing schools may for reasons of safety or supervision agree to move to the site of the lower seeded team, with the approval of the chairman.  If the schools disagree, the chairman will determine the site.

Admission will be charged in the sports of baseball, basketball, bowling, cheerleading, fencing, field hockey, football, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball,  gymnastics, softball, spring track, swimming, winter track, wrestling, and all regionals including Long Island football championships as follows (family members 12 and under, accompanied by a parent, are to be admitted free):  Approved 3/3/15

Baseball Semi-finals and Finals
(as facility dictates)
Basketball Early Rounds
Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, Finals
Bowling Section Championships $6
Cheerleading Qualifying Events
Section Championships
Fencing Section Championships $6
Field Hockey Section Championships $6
Football, Lacrosse
Soccer, Volleyball
Semi-finals and Finals $6 
Gymnastics Section Championship Meets  $6
Softball Semi-finals and Finals
(as facility dictates)
Spring Track Championships $6
Swimming Section/League Championship Meets $6
Winter Track Team Championships

Section Individual Championships
(State Qualifier)

Tournament (first & quarter-final rounds)
Tournament (semi & final rounds)
League Meets
Section Meet (per session)
Regionals Including LI Football Championships $7

In team sports, 12 complimentary tickets will be made available to the athletic director of each school at each level of the playoffs. (It is recommended that a list of the 12 complimented persons be made available to the host school for use at the gate, in effect precluding the use of complimentary tickets.) Athletic directors in attendance at tournament contests shall assist in the supervision of the activity and be admitted free.  Only Section XI Gold Pass holders and members of the press will be admitted free of charge.  The sport chairman will determine the number of players, coaches, cheerleaders, advisors, etc., from each school to be admitted to each contest.  The only officials to be admitted free of charge are those working a contest at that site at that time. Coaches from non-participating schools may not be admitted free of charge.

Schools that do not adhere to Section XI playoff admission policies will not be considered as hosts for Section XI playoff contests.

It is expected that all members of Section XI will cooperate in making their facilities available for Section XI playoff events.  If members of a Conference determine that a member school is not cooperating, the Conference will refer the school to the Executive Board of Section XI.

The Executive Director may declare no admission charge when experience indicates that it is appropriate to do so.                           Approved 10/24/01

Rev. 3/15