Section XI - Staff Profiles

Staff Profiles

Kevin McCarthy Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy
Title: Assistant Director
Years of Service: 2 in current position
Hometown: Blue Point
Alma mater: Sayville High, Dowling College

Career highlights: “After 30-plus years as a teacher, coach, assistant principal, athletic director and assistant superintendent for the Longwood Central School District, I joined the team at Section XI in 2014.

As a former head softball coach and head football coach at Longwood, I had the opportunity to coach and win championships with some of the finest young women and men this county has to offer. I was fortunate to be the head coach of Longwood’s first football Division I county championship, first Rutger’s Trophy and first trip to the Long Island football championships in 1993. During my coaching years I had the pleasure to coach two Hansen Award winners, a Zellner Award winner, a LaBue Award winner and two Collotta Award winners.”

Favorite aspect of job at Section XI: “I am extremely proud to serve in the role as assistant director at Section XI. The NYSPHSAA and Section XI have been part of my life as an athlete, coach and administrator. Working with the athletics offices throughout the county is rewarding and a challenge. Since I have been here at Section XI I have truly gained an understanding of how hard the staff at Section XI works to provide the counties student-athletes with a positive experience. I think the most rewarding part of the job is having the opportunity to attend championship contests after all of the behind the scenes work is done. It is a thrill to watch the student-athletes in Suffolk County compete.”

Nick DeCillis Nick DeCillis

Nick DeCillis
Title: Administrative Assistant for Corporate Funding
Years of Service: 1956 to current (coach, athletic director and current position)
Hometown: New York City
Alma mater: Seward Park High, New York University

Career highlights: Member of Suffolk County Sports Hall of Fame, New York State Public High School Association Hall of Fame and the football field at Newfield High School is named in his honor.

Favorite aspect of job at Section XI: “The entire staff at Section XI is a pleasure to work with. They are all great, hard workers and committed to the programs from Suffolk County. The Executive Director, Don Webster, and Assistant Director, Kevin McCarthy, are high level CEO’s, bright, personable and possess a great sense of what it takes to run a complex organization. The entire staff of Section XI is respected.”

Lisa McManus Lisa McManus

Lisa McManus
Title: Sports Coordinator
Years of Service: 4
Hometown: Huntington Station, N.Y.
Alma mater: Walt Whitman High School, Suffolk Community College

Career highlights: “A major highlight here at Section XI has been the incorporation of a new and improved website and the difference aspects of social media we are now linked to. A new website allows not only the staff here at Section XI to work more efficiently, but it also keeps the public up to date. History has also been made with the incorporation of cheerleading being recognized as an official sport.”

What does it mean for you to work at Section XI? “I enjoy working at Section XI very much. We are a close knit staff that works side-by-side.”

Favorite aspect of your job at Section XI? “My favorite aspect is being involved with the many great athletic accomplishments that the kids all over Suffolk County achieve. Being involved with them from the start of the season to the playoffs is very rewarding.”

Donna Nebgen Donna Nebgen

Donna Nebgen
Title: Stenographer
Years of Service: 19
Hometown: Garden City South, N.Y.
Alma mater: Carey High School

Career highlights: “I had worked in the athletic office at Commack High School for five years prior to moving over to Section XI in 1997 where I have had the pleasure of working under three executive directors: Cathy Gallagher, Ed Cinelli and Don Webster. In addition, I have witnessed the immense affect technology has had on the process of scheduling contests, assigning officials, and communicating with member schools and the community in general.”

What does it mean for you to work at Section XI? “Having had children who played for Hauppauge in both middle school and high school, I know the positive affect sports can have on a young life. Whenever I pass a field and see a contest being played or a practice being held, I derive a great sense of pride knowing that I have played a part to help make that happen.”

Favorite aspect of your job at Section XI? “I have truly enjoyed working with the secretaries in the member schools’ athletic offices over the years. The comradery that exists, the willingness to help each other, and the feeling of commiseration we share on those rainy spring days, exemplifies teamwork at its best!”